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June 4, 2018

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10 Hikvision products on show at IFSEC 2018

Hikvision is set to showcase a range of security products at IFSEC in June, with a strong focus on AI and HikCentral.  Find them on stand D300.

The Hikvision team are taking part in IFSEC’s Show Me How programme which means their product experts will all be wearing ‘Show Me How’ badges on the day. Go up to any member of the Hikvision team wearing a Show Me How badge and ask for product demonstrations at any time during the event.

Hikvision product guru

Menson Qi Hikvision

Menson Qi is the UK Product Manager for Hikvision and he will be around all 3 days, from 19th – 21st June. Menson’s role supports a team of 6 product specialists who all have specialist knowledge in specific product lines including; Artificial Intelligence, Thermal and HikCentral. Menson’s team offer pre-sales support to ensure that all of the UK team are knowledgeable of the latest technology at all times. With the use of market research Menson’s team feed back to the R&D team to create new technology that fits the requirements within the UK market.

Menson says: “My team and I look forward to attending IFSEC and welcome customers to our stand to give live demonstrations of our products, everyone trained on our product range will be wearing a ‘Show me how’ badge, we pride ourselves by being a knowledgeable workforce.”

10 product areas being featured at IFSEC

Here’s an overview of the 10 product areas which Menson’s team will be showcasing on their stand.

  1. AI

  • Queue management camera – Flow analysis allows the camera to track how people move through an area. Alerts can be set for the operator when a queue length gets beyond a certain number of people, so that extra cash registers can be opened in a retail environment, for example. This data can be analysed to give insights into where people are congregating in an area and how they are getting there.
  • DeepinMind NVR – This product has huge analytic capabilities. Combined with other Deep Learning products the solution becomes very powerful. For example, retailers would be able to find out how many people came into their store and went into certain areas. They would also be able to get more detailed information on those people. The DeepinMind NVR could also be used for false alarms and crowd density control.
  • DeepinView camera – DeepinView is a series of IP cameras. The first ‘Deep Learning’ series of cameras was launched last year. The series has higher accuracy and even sharper, higher resolution picture capture. Amongst other thing it can be used for behavior analysis and falling detection.
  • DeepinView facial recognitionThe facial recognitioncameras provide face tracking and face picture grading as well as face detection and face capture. This means they can provide a better captured picture, with better angle, better quality and a higher matching score.
  1. HikCentral

HikCentral is a Video Business Intelligence (VBI) solution which provides features such as facial recognition, face matching and searching, and people counting analyses. It extracts information from a database and generates reports to assist your business operations. It integrates with access control, entrance & exit automation with ANPR, and alarm management.

HikCentral supports the ONVIF open standard. It’s compatible with most mainstream brands and IP cameras with ONVIF support. It supports third-party proprietary protocols of the leading camera manufacturers, with continuous updates. HikCentral also offers an OpenSDK that allows users to develop add-ons on a web client. Such add-ons can be used to integrate with third-party systems.

  1. Thermal AI and thermal products

DeepinView thermal cameras detect heat. All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit thermal radiation, even at low levels. This kind of radiation, invisible to the human eye, can be detected by thermal camera sensors. Compared to visible-light cameras, thermal cameras can be used for applications in more challenging environments.

Hikvision have a range of thermal cameras, thermal imaging and thermography products which will be on display at IFSEC including:

  • AI analysis for thermal
  • Bi-Spectrum, PiP fusion
  • Handheld thermal product
  1. Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

Hikvision’s Intelligent Traffic System solution includes cameras for event capture, embedded video terminals for event recording, and a centralised video management platform. They unify all the ITS devices and deliver service-extensible applications. At IFSEC you can ask for demos of:

  • Deep learning GMOS  – working with IVMS-8600, these cameras are capable of detecting traffic violations, measuring speed and recognising vehicle features.
  • Smart parking security solutions – the Parking Guidance Camera, Intelligent Entrance Capture camera and Parking Guidance Terminal are capable of car park entrance & exit control, car parking guidance and ‘find my car’.
  • iVMS-5200 mobile platform. This is dedicated for mobile products and is capable of live view demo, playback, footage backup, GIS map and alarm management.
  1. Turbo

Turbo HD Solutions were launched to revolutionise analog security. On show at IFSEC 2018:

  • Turbo 5 DVR – false alarm reduction filter, GUI 4.0
  • POC DVR  – a one cable solution
  • 8MP series DVR – 8MP, GUI 4.0
  1. Access control and intercom

Hikvision will present an all-in-one video intercom terminal for access control at IFSEC 2018. This includes:

  • Two wire intercom
  • Modularised outdoor station
  • Facial recognition access system
  1. IP Solution

Easy IP solutions will be showcased on an IP wall at IFSEC. This will include Easy ip4.0 AcuSense technology, the Pro range 5 series camera family, and specialist product solutions such as ATEX and anti-corrosion.

  1. Multi – sensors PanoVu PTZ

The PanoVu, multi-sensor series of cameras will be on show, including:

  • DS2CD6924F-IS /stitching 4-sensor camera. With 180° stitched coverage and seamless overview image.
  • DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZS/Non-stitching 4-sensor camera. With 360° non-stitched coverage.
  • DS-2DP0818ZIX-D/Panovu. All-in-one design with 180°panorama + PTZ Camera, panorama linkage and smart function.
  • PTZ 4K darkfighter. With rapid focus, auto-tracking 2.0 and optical image stabilisation (OIS).
  1. Darkroom Darkfighter X

Technology for ultra-low light environment. The Darkroom Darkfighter X has one lens, dual sensor design and ultra-low light environments can still can get full-colour images. Ask for a demonstration at IFSEC for more information.

  1. Mobile solutions

Finally, Hikvision will showcase a range of mobile and portable solutions, including:

  • iVMS-4200 – a versatile video management software for DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, encoders and decoders. It provides multiple functionalities, including real-time live-view, video recording, remote search and playback and file back-up for the connected devices to meet the needs of monitoring tasks.
  • Deep Learning in Mobile – intelligent Video Analysis Box which can trigger the alarm if it detects dangerous driving behaviors such as using mobile phone, not wearing seatbelt, fatigue driving, smoking etc. It can also count passengers, with an accuracy rate of 95%.
  • Portable Speed Dome with built in ANPR algorithm which is easy to deploy.
  • Dock Station – itcharges bodycams and downloads capture & video data when bodycams integrate into dock station by USB. It has Windows 10 system supply polices. It has a dashboard for device management, maintenance and security data storage.

For more information about IFSEC’s Show Me How programme see here. And register to attend here.


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