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March 9, 2011

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Steria, Neology to develop RFID technologies for Indian market

Steria, a leading provider of IT-enabled business services, and Neology, a major Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology solution provider, announced a partnership to develop and deliver RFID solutions.

“The RFID market is expected to grow at a rate of over 16% annually which is a phenomenal rate of growth – innovative RFID systems software will grow faster compared to hardware. India is likely to contribute a big share to this growth,” Dr Mukesh Aghi, CEO of Steria Asia Pacific and Group Sales and Partnerships Director.

“This partnership is a strategic component of our solutions offering in the Indian space and is the culmination of discussions with Neology on providing bespoke solutions which fulfil the requirements of clients in the Indian marketplace. This agreement further strengthens Steria’s commitment to creating an India with strong and safe infrastructure,” he added.

Neology has a proven track record of developing end-to-end RFID solutions. It entails integrated circuit design, device development, software integration and field installation to improve public safety, healthcare and supply chain management.

On the other hand, Steria has an extensive international experience for carrying out successful IT deployments for border and passport control, electronic toll collection, traffic management, vehicle registration and healthcare. The combination of Neology’s RFID technology integrated with IT services from Steria has the potential to improve the business solutions significantly for the aforementioned areas in India.

Enrique Martinez De Velasco Cortina, vice president – global sales and marketing at Neology, said, “Neology has focused exclusively on RFID solutions for more than 20 years. We are pleased to enter India with this technology and also pleased about our partnership with Steria to bring these solutions to the country. Our objective is to provide effective and efficient business solutions leveraging our RFID technology products”.

With an average of 20 kilometres of new roads being built in India every day, improving the country’s road transport infrastructure – by making it faster and safer – is a key priority for the Government. There is already an acceptance of the need for electronic tolling. Leveraging secure RFID-based solutions to enable faster and more reliable electronic toll management will be a key challenge that needs to be addressed. Bearing in mind the various needs of the Indian customers, Steria and Neology will work together to bring about efficiency and reliability in this area.

As for healthcare sector, there is a clear need to track movement of drugs and medicines as there is a lot at stake. Steria and Neology are committed to working with the Indian Government and the pharmaceutical industry to track and manage usage of critical drugs – both from avoiding expiry of drugs and from correct usage by the correct consumer.

This cutting-edge solution has already been implemented in various instances globally. The two companies will bring a wide range of business solutions in the areas of identification that will be secure, of high quality and implemented for maximum business benefits for the adopting agencies.

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