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May 29, 2015

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Whitepaper: Multi-residential access management – The move to digital

The 44 Security Products in the Benchmark Innovation Awards

Taking place at this year’s IFSEC International, the Benchmark Innovation Awards were devised to recognise and reward innovations that deliver tangible benefits to security professionals.

To allow installers and integrators to create such solutions, manufacturers must deliver innovations which both enhance the technological capabilities of their products and allow those developments to be implemented in a realistic fashion.

The security industry has never before enjoyed the sheer breadth of technological options that it does today. Gone are the times when manufacturers waited for older technologies to reach a low price point before they became commercially worth implementing.

As advances deliver ever-greater functionality, so the ability to integrate disparate security elements increases too. With the emergence of video analytics and other data-driven software the result is security systems that not only enhance security but bring commercial, added-value benefits too.

The Benchmark Innovation Awards recognise innovations that solve problems faced when designing and implementing a security solution, enhance security appreciably or boost operational efficiency.benchmark logo

To be worthy of recognition, devices or systems must either deliver a new concept or different approach which is both effective and realistic, or should include a specific feature or function which ranks as innovative. Devices or software which bring together other systems into one unified solution were also considered as beneficial.

Click here to view the timetable for demos of products in contention for the Benchmark Innovation Awards

The 44 Benchmark Innovation Awards Finalists 2015


Milestone: Husky M50
A previous Benchmark award winner, The Husky M50 is a video appliance running Milestone’s XProtect platform. It can support up to 80 devices with 24TB of storage. Designed to be fast to deploy and ready for use within minutes, the all-in-one solution has optimised processing power.

Bosch Security: Dinion IP Starlight 8000
The camera on this model is capable of streaming five megapixel video at up to 25fps. The Starlight functionality is claimed to deliver colour performance with a minimum of ambient light and sensitivity for colour images is stated as 0.012 lux for 5MP or below 0.01 lux for HD1080p video.

Samsung Techwin: SNP-6320RH
The SNP-6320RH makes use of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset, enabling it to run edge-based applications, such as ANPR, video analytics, facial recognition, people counting and perimeter protection solutions, which can be downloaded in a similar way to adding apps to a smartphone. It is a full HD 32x zoom PTZ speed dome with built in IR illuminators.

Synology: Surveillance Station
Surveillance Station is a video management system that runs on Synology NAS devices. It features compatibility for major browsers and mobile devices, allowing flexibility with regard to control and connectivity. Its interface enables viewing of live feeds from multiple cameras, play back of recordings, and batch-management of camera configurations.

Avigilon: HD Pro Range
The HD Pro range includes devices that range from a H.264 8 megapixel camera that delivers coverage of a 25metre width scene, through to a 7K (30 megapixel) unit with coverage of over 50 metres. The cameras are designed to deliver hi-res coverage of large and open areas.avigilon hd pro


Aimetis: Symphony Enterprise
Featuring a wide range of video management tools, including live viewing, smart search, playback, alarm handling, mapping and rules-based event/action relationships – the Symphony Enterprise is an unlimited scalable video manager system (VMS). It also includes business intelligence reporting and video analytics; including motion tracking, virtual fence, wrong direction detection, item left/removed, loitering and people counting.

ACT: ACTviquest

The ACTviquest solution can be used with linked recording servers, mobile devices and standard surveillance hardware, but also allows full control of a compatible ACT access control solution of up to 100 doors. Its features include smart search, an integrated event manager feature, mobile support and a simple installation wizard, and has been designed for use in small to medium sized applications.

SeeTec: Cayuga Infinity X
Cayuga Infinity X is a VMS solution which supports unlimited devices, servers and I/O devices, which allows the creation of a unified multi-site system. The ‘X’ signifies that this version also supports redundant failover recording servers. It also includes motion detection, people counting, ANPR and an analytics interface.

Meyertech: Nano VMS
The Nano VMS takes is designed to deliver a flexible solution for ONVIF Profile S-compatible devices. The solution supports up to 20 devices and one physical monitor. Once installed, the VMS will identify any ONVIF devices on the network automatically. Archiving can be to a variety of storage devices ranging from NAS to memory cards.

Vicon: ViconNet Peak
Peak is an open-platform system featuring compatibility with a wide range of products and can be linked with diverse display options to allow a range of connectivity from smartphone viewing to support for central command centres. It is an unlimited version of the company’s VMS offering, supporting system redundancy and multiple sites.



Vanderbilt Industries: Bright Blue
Bright Blue does not need a software installation or dedicated PC to run because of its embedded intelligence. It is an intelligent access control system and can support as many as 32 doors and 5000 card holders. It can be managed and monitored using a standard web browser and the system can be integrated with video.

BPT Security: X-Air Plus+
This range of products allows video door entry calls to be answered from a tablet or smartphone via wireless links. The X-Air Plus+ range includes integration with Crestron devices and other third party interfaces and can also integrate with the full range of BPT monitors to provide a flexible access control solution for all applications.

Axis Communications: AXIS A1001
This is a network door controller with built-in web-based software offering two integration possibilities. For small to medium enterprises it can be supplied as the A1001 hardware with management software loaded, and for larger business systems, the application programming interface will allow integrations with third party systems. The AXIS-A1001 operates on an open IP-based platform.

Optex: Accurance 3D

The Accurance £D system accurately detects and counts people. It is a time-of-flight sensor that can be used with air-lock type access control applications to detect tail-gating or piggy-backing. The sensor does not require illumination and is not affected by ambient lighting. It has one and two-way modes.

iEvo: Custom Kit
The custom kit allows installers and integrators to customise the operation of existing iEvo biometric readers. Options include replicating performance of existing readers, the use of 1:1 template on card applications, increased capacities, the use of a single control board for in/out reading, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and implementation of PoE.

ievo custom kit


Paxton: Net2 Pro v5
With features such as timesheets and timeline, security lockdown and anti-passback, Net2 Pro V5 is a user-friendly networked access control package designed to deliver comprehensive and secure building management. It allows management of access privileges and reporting and has support for integration with CCTV and intruder alarm across multiple workstations.

Nedap: Aeos 3.1
Aeos 3.1 is optimised to meet the needs of the user, using generic software controllers that provide advanced access control functionality. It also has integration with intrustion detection, video and locker management systems into a single platform.

Honeywell: NetAXS-123

NetAXS-123 is a web-based access control solution designed for smaller sites. Simple to install and easy to operate and maintain, it allows the user to manage employee access and multiple sites remotely. It offers the option to expand the system one door at a time, which makes it affordable for those with limited access needs.

Impro: Access Portal Pro
Access Portal Pro is a web-based flexible access system that operations on a single platform. It is simple to configure and resilient, with a variety of application options for single or multiple sites. Real-time site information and reporting can be accessed via a web-connected PC or mobile device.

Spica: Time&Space
A flexible access control solution, Time&Space can be combined with scheduling, tracking of working hours and detailed attendance analysis required by Payroll and other HR applications.  It is Windows-based and delivers alarm and door management, visitor management and integration with video.

spica time and space


Texecom: Premier Elite 12-W LIVE
With latest control panel firmware and architecture, the Premier Elite 12-W LIVE offers a high quality solution for homes and small businesses with commercial grade security designed for the mass market. It includes a wireless control panel with award-winning Ricochet mesh technology for superior wireless performance. The panel supports up to 8 Ricochet enabled wireless devices, 4 wired zones, 2 areas, 8 user codes an on-board LCD keypad with integral proximity reader.

Pyronix: Enforcer 32-WE APP
The Enforcer 32-WE APP has the same features as the Enforcer 32-WE, but with the option for control via the HomeControl+ apps for android and iOS, and the PyronixCloud interface. The system can be quickly configured to be cloud and app enabled. The PyronixCloud then acts as the online system management software for the master user, giving them the ability to activate and deactivate app users, as well as viewing history logs and managing push notifications.

Senstar: Tungsten
Tungsten protects not only the servers on the network, but also field devices such as cameras, readers, detectors and workstations against cyber-attacks and exploits, thus securing the entire system’s infrastructure. It is a cyber security Ethernet switch designed for security networks to provide an effective tool for securing and hardening installations. It monitors and analyses the data traffic of all the elements of the system, at all the points in the network.

Risco Group: VUpoint
This video verification solution uses IP cameras and cloud connectivity to deliver real-time live video steaming on demand. It integrates with Agility 3 and LightSYS 2 intruder alarm systems. Video clips can be sent to an ARC, or can be viewed by the user via a smartphone app or standard web browser.

Xtralis: Pro E Detectors
Features of the PRO E-series of passive infrared detectors include 220 metre detection range, wireless communication and installation, 360PROtect tamper protection, and iCommission functionality for one-man commissioning and maintenance. It is engineered for reliability and accuracy.

xtralis pro e


UTC Fire and Security: ATS8600
Suitable for use in single of multiple sites, the ATS8600 software package provides a simple GUI interface to fire, access control, CCTV and intruder detection systems. The integration of fire with the other three sets it apart from many other alternatives, and delivers a degree of functionality which is only available from PSIM systems, according to the manufacturer.

ISM: Genesys V2
Genesys v2 supports perimeter and intruder detection, intelligent CCTV, panic alarms, building management systems, access control and other bespoke solutions. It is a fully-integrated security management system capable of delivering high levels of functionality, ease of use, redundancy and alarm handling. Control is distributed across all workstations, so if a PC is off-line, control is migrated to another.

Prysm Software: AppVision
With value-added benefits including delivering multiple VMS feeds in the same display, custom maps and geolocation elements, a drag and drop interface, pop-up video on event or alarm, advanced reporting and workflow management – AppVision is designed to unify difference manufacturers’ solutions in the control room. It’s an open architecture management system, and is an open and customisable technology.

Genetec: Security Center
A scalable and flexible system, Security Center is a unified security platform that brings together security surveillance systems, access control and ANPR into a single interface. It delivers a high degree of redundancy for single or multiple site applications. Further integration of third party add-ons for enhanced security is also possible.

genetec security center


Iomniscient: ASAP
Designed to reduce emergency response times, the ASAP uses advanced video, sound and smell analytics to determine whether an incident warrants an immediate response. It transmits video and other information and locates the nearest first responder.

Davantis: Davantis Video Analytics
The use of server based technology means there is no compromise when it comes to the processing power of Davantis Video Analytics, an I-LIDS approved primary detection system for sterile zone monitoring. It can be deployed with analogue, IP and thermal cameras and has detection distances of up to 120 metres for video and 450metres with thermal images. Integral video transmission and bidirectional audio are also included.

Mirasys: Video Content Analysis
With Mirasys Video Content Analytics, security users can analyse sites and behaviours, ranging from motion detection to intelligent scene analysis. The suite of video analytics includes discriminations for dwell time, direction, detection and counting. Footage can be viewed via the Spotter interface or analysed through reports. Innocuous motion such as climatic conditions, or repeated movements from trees or bushes, can be ignored.

Agent Vi: SavVi
Featuring real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence applications, SavVi provides a complete solution for diverse video analytics requirements. It can replace the manual and time-consuming tasks traditionally employed to monitor live video feeds or sift through recorded video by immediately detecting and extracting events from footage.

BRS Labs: AISight
AlSight is a behaviour recognition system that is self-learning – rather than a rules-based video analytics solution. It identifies what constitutes normal behaviour within each camera’s field of view and when anomalous activity occurs, an alarm is generated.

brs aisight


Vidicore: PriVendo
PriVendo claims that retailers can improve their ROI within two weeks of installing this software. It helps retailers gain vital business intelligence from their video data and can be used to assess dwell times and carry out people-counting, and reporting tools- including diagrams, tables, heat maps and hot spots – present results in ways that allow the user to benefit.

FoxStream: FoxCounter
FoxCounter is a people counting application based upon the FoxVigi analytics server solution. It can be added to platform-based devices for a simple-to-use counting application. It monitors attendance and footfall flow and reporting means trends can be assessed over regular periods of time.

Panasonic: WV-SFV481

This surveillance camera can detect an increased level of detail than conventional cameras. The WV-SFV481 is a 4K 360 degree surveillance camera allows the user to identify where people move and stay within a room, enabling retailers to measure the effectiveness of sales promotions or store layout. It includes heat mapping and people counting.

Cognimatics: TrueView Parking
This software works in conjunction with cameras placed above entrances and exits for counting vehicles. One camera can be assigned as a master, collecting and managing the traffic data from other cameras in the system. It uses standard network cameras and IP supported displays for parking facilities.

Flir: FC-Series R
The FC Series R units can be used for fire detection, safety monitoring or as a tool to check running temperatures of equipment, creating an alarm event if temperatures exceed prescribed thresholds. They are fixed network thermal security cameras with features of the manufacturer’s security-centric models with added non-contact temperature measurement capabilities.

flir fc


Secure Logiq: HPS-2U-HE60
With a throughput of 750Mbps and 60TB storage, HPS-2U-HE60 offers three times the throughput and storage of conventional IT servers, in a single 2U enclosure. The server is specifically designed to process and store HD video images and has extra resourced for running services such as mobile gateway transcoding, ANPR and video analytics. The server also features a host of resilience functions.

Seagate: Surveillance HDD with Rescue Programme
Engineered specifically for surveillance applications, Seagate Surveillance HDD employs data recovery services designed to restore data from malicious or accidental failure. Seagate Rescue services can typically restore data within two weeks depending on the type of recovery, with up to a greater than 90 per cent success rate.

Phybridge: CLEER Switch
Claiming to be cheaper than alternative solutions, the CLEER switch is based on new PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) technology. It is an enterprise grade fully managed PoE switch over coax, designed for migration to IP cameras. The 24 port switch delivers fast Ethernet (100Mbs symmetrical) and PoE+ over coax infrastructure with a range of up to 600 metres.

BCD Video: BCD380V8-M
Part of the Nova Series of devices, the BCD380V8-M is manufactured specifically for enterprise IP video surveillance applications. It uses 6G SAS technology, for more high-megapixel cameras per system than traditional SATA-based servers. Up to two processors automatically regulate power consumption and intelligently adjust server performance.

ComNet: NetWave Solar Module
The NetWave Solar module is a complete system for remote power to edge communications equipment. Compatible with any of the ComNet industrially hardened NetWave wireless Ethernet units, the kit includes a high quality photovoltaic solar panel, outdoor enclosure, power controller with integrated power injection module and all the required mounting hardware. Some models are available which can power a NetWave unit with either three or six hours of peak sunlight.


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