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April 25, 2023


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Intruder alarms

ECHO-connected alarm handling celebrates two years as number of connected police forces reaches double figures

Launched in April 2021, ECHO is celebrating its second anniversary with 10 connected police forces and over 300,000 approved alarm systems now in place.

As a not for profit organisation, ECHO has been devised to deliver automated transmission of alarm signalling between alarm receiving centres (ARCs) and blue light services. The alarm service transfers alarm activation signals from the ARCs to ECHO-connected police control rooms, replacing legacy manual voice calling procedures.

ECHO-AlarmSignalling-23The service is said to deliver time savings of up to four minutes in response times to ‘confirmed’ alarm activations and accelerate ‘stand-down’ signals where an alarm is discovered as false.

Two years after officially launching, there are now 10 ECHO-connected police forces and over 300,000 police approved alarm systems protecting sites and premises in those areas.

“A cornerstone in the police’s armoury”

Since Essex Police and the Metropolitan Police announced their readiness to accept verified alarm activations via ECHO and the ECHO-connected service launched, ECHO has established itself as a cornerstone in the police’s armoury against crime.

On the heels of Essex Police and the Met Police, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, City of London Police and Northumbria Police became ECHO-connected in 2022, followed by Bedfordshire Police, Kent Police, Hertfordshire Constabulary, Cambridgeshire Constabulary and most recently Greater Manchester Police in 2023.

Ciaron Irvine Deputy Chief Constable, Durham Constabulary and NPCC Lead for the Security Systems Group commented: “The progress made by ECHO and the 10 forces now ECHO-connected has made tremendous inroads in police control room efficiencies and police responders impact at the scene of intruder and hold up incidents, and I encourage all forces to get ECHO-connected at the earliest opportunity”.

Over a million active residential and commercial users of professionally installed Intruder and Hold-up alarm systems (those installed by an NSI or SSAIB approved installer) are set to benefit as more police forces across the UK get ECHO-connected during 2023/24.

Richard Jenkins, ECHO Director, commented: “As ECHO’s pioneering service continues to increase its reach and deliver efficiencies across more regions of the UK, in support of the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s requirements, ECHO technology is now a proven facilitator of greater efficiency in the deployment of police resources, faster police response and crime deterrence.

“The expanded service now supports Intruder and Hold-up police response alarm systems in residential, commercial and public sector buildings with 10 ECHO-connected police forces currently offering homeowners, commercial and publicly operated premises a greater degree of assurance with speedier and more effective police response.”

Approved installers are encouraged to check with their ARC providers regarding ECHO support for their customers’ Intruder and Hold-up alarm systems.

Find out more about ECHO: “Why every second counts”

In late 2021, the ECHO team delivered a webinar with IFSEC Global on the journey to get to this point. Watch the session back below to find out more about the initiative, how it was developed and why it is designed to futureproof alarm handling.


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