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June 17, 2015

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ImmerVision Launch World’s First 360-Degree 6K Lens at IFSEC

“We are the only one that can do this. We not only capture an image; we provide a real experience”

Launching the product at IFSEC International 2015,  ImmerVision have created a 360 degree panoramic broadcasting camera system with 6k quality lenses win a small and compact size.

Combining high quality image and a complete wide view without any blind spots, the camera system promises to create a complete immersive experience.

ImmerVision launched at IFSEC International the world’s First 360-Degree 6K lens for C360 broadcast camera systems

ImmerVision have launched at IFSEC International the world’s First 360-Degree 6K lens for C360 broadcast camera systems

Easy broadcast

Using an innovative live broadcasting camera software technology, the user will easily navigate through 360 angle images using any device, from personal computer to personal phone.
Multiple views and different angles share the same screen all at once, giving the user the possibility to choose a preferred angle without incurring in problem of distortion.
“The breakthrough is the possibility to concretely interact with live images, choosing a different angle or zooming in and out” said Luis Brun marketing and communications director for ImmerVision.

Phanomorph Lenses

“With us it’s possible to have nice and clear images and to detect in detail all the objects in the frame, owing to technology’s design” added Brun.
Thanks to the phanomorph technology, the distortion usually connected with “fish eye” will be completely avoided using ImmerVision lenses. All the details, even the one on the edges of the picture, are cleared and recognisable, with a perfect resolution.


“The design is made to give this result every time and with all the devices”. The lenses are in fact unique but all of them are codified by a specific alphanumeric code, which works as a “DNA”. Thanks to this number series, the lenses can be installed to any camera and sensor licensed and being immediately recognised by the software.

Different uses of technology

The application of this technology doesn’t affect only security system cameras, but also drones, photography, aerospace and mobile phone. Indeed, ImmerVision has recently launched during the Mobile World Congress a 360-degree lens compatible with mobile devices, including phones and tablets. In a extremely small size, the user will be able to capture the entire environment in one shot, without any resolution problems.
“Its’ always the same quality, the same improvement, the same experience” commented Luis Brun.

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