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June 21, 2011

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New Fujinon lenses available from Pro-Vision

In addition to the existing lenses for .50-inch and 1/3-inch covering focal lengths from wide end to telescopic, the new versions for day/night applications include the YV2.7×2.2SR4A (f=2.2-6mm) and the YV2.8×2.8SR4A (f=2.8-8mm) for a maximum sensor size of 1/2.7-inch.

There’s also the DV3.8x4SR4A (f=4-15.2mm) which has been designed for 1/1.8-inch sensors.

Simon Davies, internal sales manager for Pro-Vision told, said: “As manufacturers like Bosch, Dallmeier, JVC and Sanyo are releasing a range of HD equipment, they obviously see the UK market shifting in that direction.

“It is critical that the lens is ‘up to the job’ and can capture the image correctly for the camera to deliver optimum performance in relation to its design and specification.

“The Fujinon range has an excellent reputation with the UK installer. Obviously as the popularity of this type of technology is increasing we are receiving more enquiries for megapixel cameras and associated lenses – so Fujinon’s timing in launching these new products is ideal.”

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