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October 5, 2022


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Residential security and electrical installers set to capitalise on growing demand for smart home products

There is an opportunity for contractors and installers to capitalise on growing consumer demand for smart home products, such as connected cameras, according to a new report from Legrand. However, security and electrical installers will need to support customers through the process, with a ‘lack of product knowledge’ being a key barrier to homeowners purchasing technology.

CCTV-SmartBuilding-HomeSecurity-22The new report, which surveyed 1,000 UK consumers with an age range between 18-65 in February 2022, revealed that over two-thirds (68.5%) of Brits are likely to purchase a smart home product in the next two years, and almost half (45.6%) would be more likely to purchase a home with smart technology installed.

Legrand believes that the survey results show a number of opportunities for those working across the electrical and security installation industry.

Alongside a lack of product knowledge as a key challenge to homeowners purchasing technology, other barriers outlined include installation costs and ongoing subscriptions, to which the majority of respondents (85.4%) said they would prefer a one-off package with no subscriptions.

The survey also revealed only 10% would go to an industry professional for information or advice, indicating an opportunity for contractors and installers to become their customers’ smart home advisor.

Smart security was named in the top three most popular smart home technologies, alongside lighting controls and heating and energy controls. Indeed, 43% of respondents said that they now feel more concerned about the safety and security of their homes, indicating that residential smart security installers may see a growth in demand over the coming years.

The results back up previous research outlined on IFSEC Global. According to the latest residential remote monitoring research from Omdia, there were about 44.5 million professionally monitored security systems globally in 2020, increasing to about 54 million in 2024. In the US, Omdia predicts about one out of four households will have professional alarm monitoring services in 2024.

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Ahead of an anticipated connected home boom, Legrand’s report is designed to guide electrical professionals and housebuilders through the opportunities open to them.

Pascal Stutz, CEO at Legrand UK & Ireland, explains: “There is more pressure than ever on electrical contractors, consultants and housebuilders to produce homes up to the high standards that consumers expect. Our latest research shows there is an opportunity for professionals, which is why we have created this report. We outline the barriers facing installers and housebuilders alike, as well as outline ways to overcome them.”

Electrical and security professionals are also being encouraged to take part in smart home installation training to learn the full capability of the most popular devices and systems. The perceived value that smart home technology brings to a property makes training and development in these installations a practical step for increasing revenue on projects of all sizes.


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