Industry reports

Training, pay-rates and protection for UK security operatives in 2023 – Opportunities for change?

Working the Doors details three key areas of the private security sector that require urgent attention to improve the industry. Read More

Latest SRI report indicates security managers “lack influence over the security budget”

The latest report from the SRI explores the extent to which security managers are able to influence the security budget. Read More

Residential security and electrical installers set to capitalise on growing demand for smart home products

There is an opportunity for installers to capitalise on growing consumer demand for smart home products, according to a new report. Read More

Public transport teams urged to rethink security strategies as data shows growth in threat of attacks by lone actors

With a growing risk of attack to staff, commentators are urging public transportation hubs to reconsider their security strategies. Read More

BSIA’s Bigger Picture report underlines growing use of video surveillance for business operational purposes

Launched at IFSEC International 2022 in May, the British Security Industry Association’s (BSIA) Bigger Picture report is the latest research […] Read More

“We need to do more to reduce false alarms” – Euralarm releases second edition of European fire alarms study

IFSEC Global hears from Euralarm as they reveal their findings on their second edition study of false alarms. Read More

BSIA to launch major research report on UK video surveillance market at IFSEC International 2022

The British Security Industry Association will launch a major research report into the UK video surveillance market at IFSEC 2022. Read More

Emphasis on need for culture change in built environment from Industry Safety Steering Group’s third report

The third report from the ISSG on the progress of culture change in the built environment industry has been published. Read More

Australian Security Research Centre outlines future roadmap of integrated solutions and emphasis on collaborative tech for sector

The Australian Security Research Centre has produced a report undertaking a review of the industry and how it will meet future challenges. Read More

National Cyber Security Centre reveals record number of foiled cyber attacks in 2021 and underlines “significant” ransomware threat

The National Cyber Security Centre has provided support for a record number of incidents in 2021, and outlines the threat of ransomware. Read More

Security and COVID: Resilience, expansion and upskilling – yet challenges remain, explains Professor Martin Gill

A recent report from the Security Research Initiative reveals multiple stark warnings on the implications of COVID-19 on the sector. Read More

The Entrepreneurs Network calls for £10m tech investment to unlock £42bn “drone dividend” by 2030

A report is calling for an investment of £10 million to enable all recreational aircraft in the UK to become “electronically conspicuous”. Read More

Adoption of advanced video analytics is “rising rapidly”, NW Security UK study finds

Research has found that 41% of England-based businesses which are running CCTV have already deployed facial recognition analytics. Read More

Major new study reveals significant levels of verbal and physical violence towards security staff

A new study has revealed the worrying levels of verbal and physical violence security staff receive while at work. Read More

Omdia reports global video surveillance market revenues to reach $24bn by 2022

According to Omdia’s Video Surveillance and Analytics Intelligence Database, global market revenues are set to reach $24bn by the end of 2021. Read More

93% of firms reporting excess of CCTV false alarms linked to poor installation or maintenance

Issues with too many false alerts in CCTV systems are said to be linked to poor installation, maintenance or configuration. Read More


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