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May 9, 2023


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IFSEC 2023

The IFSEC Converged Security Centre: 2023 Technology Showcase

On the 16 May, IFSEC opens its doors to host one of the largest global security events at London’s ExCeL. The Converged Security Centre (CSC) is once again at the forefront of the show. But, what are the key technology attractions you will see at the Centre this year?

Here, James Willison and Sarb Sembhi take a look at this year’s key partners for the centre and how each can contribute to the creation of a converged security operations centre.


The 2022 IFSEC Converged Security Centre – this year’s is set to be bigger and better with several new technology partners joining Advancis!

The CSC has teamed up with its successful partner from last year – Advancis. The Advancis open platform integrates many other technologies to enable security teams to establish policies, identify exceptions and then respond to alerts generated by the various controls in place.

Its solution is therefore the central connecting point of all the other technologies on the Centre provided by the partners.

To give visitors a reminder of the benefits of each of these technologies, we explore what each partner at the Centre does and how together they provide a holistic security risk management approach.

See for yourself how you or your customers’ security operations centres can benefit from a converged solution at IFSEC between 16-18 May! Ask experts your questions in a one-to-one setting and get to grips with how the technology solutions below can work for you.

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WinGuard from Advancis

Traditionally an Open Integration Platform is a software solution that primarily integrates several unconnected security systems, controlling them via a unified user interface. This enables the user to detect occurring situations and to resolve them in an optimal way.

Such a solution is often also referred to as a PSIM or security and building management system.

WinGuard from Advancis is an Open Integration Platform reaching far beyond the common scope, offering the possibility for cross-domain integration of complete security, building, IT and communication technology.

In addition, the connection to further systems such as incident and threat management or ticketing systems can be realised seamlessly. WinGuard collects all incidents from different security and information systems and with intelligent event visualisation enables users to easily identify situations. Dynamic workflows and SOPs as well as automatic actions support the users in the security control centres.

Advanced Identity Manager (AIM) from Advancis

AIM offers a solution for the integration of multiple access, identity and biometrics systems into a single platform. Its main function is to ensure that the logical and physical access privileges associated with an employee’s role are always synchronised.

Identities (cardholders/users) and group rights are taken from a leading data source – For example from Active Directory. Credentials (card information and formats) are synchronised between all systems.

The AIM solution is critical for a CSC, as it enables the Centre’s team to verify a person at any access point quickly and easily, keeping the enterprise running smoothly, regardless of which access control system is utilised.

Further, anyone who attempts to enter and isn’t on any system can be challenged appropriately, reducing false negatives and keeping reception areas clear.

The integration of other solutions such as CCTV provides more advanced functionality ensuring that only those who need to be in a particular area are there.

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AEOS is built on open standards and integrates with a wide range of technologies, including video monitoring and biometric readers, as well as Advancis’ WinGuard solution.

AEOS and Advancis’ WinGuard provide advanced security management with platforms that can be integrated with most security and building infrastructures. AEOS can transfer data into PSIM systems, enhancing situational awareness, central command and control, and management reporting.

The integration of these solutions enables real-time synchronisation of intruder and access control, giving operators real-time visualisation of maps, floor plans, and Aeos devices. WinGuard guides operators through the event and incident management process with step-by-step instructions.

However, in case of an offline AEOS server, WinGuard automatically takes over direct connection with the controllers to ensure continuous business processes.

The system provides, guided process instructions, reports, mobile apps, and integration of access control and intrusion detection systems, enabling the visualisation and command of connected devices such as doors and intruder zones.

VMS from Eagle Eye Networks

EagleEye-Advancis-Integration-23Eagle Eye Networks provides a Video Management System (VMS) with monitoring capabilities through cloud or on-premise monitoring.

The Eagle Eye VMS integrates video feeds with WinGuard to provide features like perimeter detection, video verification, integration with non-security systems, and integration with communication systems.

The integration also enables users to report video events and analytics, correlate camera feeds with other data points and systems, view live video streams and recorded videos.

AI-driven analytics from Remark AI

Remark provides AI-driven video analytics with real-time event alerts, transforming video content into actionable intelligence. The intelligence includes People counting in real-time, Occupancy monitoring, Body temperature checking, Unattended object detection, Identity recognition, Vehicle recognition, Loitering Disorderly conduct, and Slips, trips and falls detection.

WinGuard’s integration with Remark’s video analytics solution ensures that the CSC team is fully up to date with who and what should be at any place being monitored and to take action, as necessary.

Advanced video insight from Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision’s advanced optical design, manufacturing, and image-processing technology have enabled the vendor to go beyond its video surveillance products to provide next-generation vision solutions. These integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies to deliver insights into customers’ business operations.

For example, ANPR cameras help deter traffic rule violations and monitor moving or parked vehicles. Meanwhile, city-wide video surveillance offers complete coverage with high-resolution images and advanced analytics for improved security and crime prevention.

Intelligent real-time insight from March Networks

March Networks is a provider of intelligent IP video solutions, including applications, Video Management Software, recorders, encoders, mobile antennas and more.

The WinGuard integration enables CSC teams to investigate events in real-time connecting to all systems to verify what is happening on the ground, enabling the response team to request footage where and when they need it.

Advancis is the lead technology software integrating solutions from all providers at the CSC.

Advancis will be showcasing both WinGuard and AIM, giving visitors the opportunity to understand how a converged security centre supports security with case studies from local councils, airports, educational institutes, shopping centres, rail organisations, construction companies and healthcare establishments.

Over the three days of IFSEC (16-18 May), visitors to the CSC will be able to hear from experts in physical and cyber on the importance of a single view of security to make effective responses to a converged world.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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