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November 22, 2018

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Inner Range launches Mimic Viewer for off-site Integriti monitoring

Inner Range has launched a platform through which security staff can view intrusion and access control events remotely without creating a security risk off-site.

Mimic Viewer provides a visual ‘read only’ overview of the Integriti access control and intruder detection system so the ability to control the system remains on site.

Connected to the controller separately via Ethernet or a UniBus UART board, Mimic Viewer suits sites that prohibit leaving networked computers logged in and unattended and can still function if the network fails.

“Mimic panels are a fantastic way of providing a visual overview of a system, allowing rapid comprehension of a situation and response when an emergency occurs,” said Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range.

“Mimic Viewer will maintain its connection whatever the network status.” Tim Northwood, general manager, Inner Range

“Our Mimic Viewer has the added benefit of being separate from any network, so it will maintain its connection whatever the network status and ensure better levels of security as a result.”

Through Integriti, an integrated security system, personnel can manage single or multiple sites at local, national and global levels. Integrating with a variety of third-party systems to become a PSIM system, Integriti incorporates not only security and building automation but also people and business continuity processes like HR, payroll and health and safety.

For high security environments like government, defence and critical national infrastructure Inner Range has developed Integriti Encrypted High Security, which retains the same feature set but an additional layer of security: complete end-to-end encryption to 128 bit AES with Mac authentication.

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