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“Texecom Cloud adds value and saves installers money”

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February 15, 2019


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Texecom has launched products it believes will enhance the customer experience, create new digital services and transform the business model of installers.

Available on a free 14-day trial, Texecom Cloud is a cloud-based platform with features like remote maintenance, system health checks and simplified programming. And TexecomPro gives installers access to Texecom news, technical information and an installer forum via their mobile device.

IFSEC Global found out more in conversation with Clym Brown, marketing director of security alarm specialist Texecom, whose purpose is “looking after the things people care about, wherever they are”.

IFSEC Global: Texecom has recently launched Texecom Cloud. Can you describe what it does and who it’s for?

Clym Brown: Texecom Cloud is part of Texecom’s commitment to developing digital services that add value to intruder alarms – and that means we’re developing digital services that add value across all the different aspects of using, designing, supplying and maintaining intruder alarm systems.

Just over a year ago we launched Texecom Connect, which is a service that allows end users to connect and interact with their intruder alarm systems, adding value to the end user experience by increasing connectivity, allowing users to get remote notifications and being able to add real value to intruder alarm systems in terms of providing home and business automation. Texecom Connect really puts the end user in control.

Whereas Texecom Cloud is a digital service focused on adding value to installation companies. It allows installation companies to manage, maintain, configure and control their entire alarm system portfolio.

Texecom Cloud is a web-based portal accessible on any internet connected device. It allows installation companies to manage multiple alarm systems all from one simple user interface.

So Texecom Cloud offers two things primarily: it saves installation companies money by allowing them to be more efficient, and it allows installation companies to add value to their customers in a number of ways.

Features such as health checks and remote maintenance, remote programming and remote diagnostics all remove unnecessary callouts

Features such as health checks and remote maintenance, remote programming and remote diagnostics all remove unnecessary callouts. So installation companies are not having to send engineers to sites for issues that can be diagnosed and potentially corrected remotely.

Texecom Cloud offers programming templates, so you can create your own templates for different types of installations, offering installation companies massive improvements in programming efficiency. It also removes a lot of errors because templates ensure that the right configurations and settings are already set.

Texecom Cloud also offers more to the end user: services such as the automated health check allows installation companies to spot issues that customers might not yet be aware of. So installers can offer a proactive service instead of a seemingly reactive service. Remote programming allows installers to offer on-demand changes to system parameters requested by customers.

These are just some examples of how Texecom cloud makes installation companies more efficient and add value. Not only does this offer an opportunity to save money, being efficient allows installation companies to deploy valuable engineering resources on to more productive tasks.

It also adds value to end users by giving installation companies an opportunity to add a proactive and more seamless customer experience.

Texecom is showcasing Texecom Cloud, TexecomPro and Texecom Connect at IFSEC International 2019, taking place 18-20 June 2019 at ExCeL London (stand IF2210). Book your free ticket now.

IG: Does Texecom Cloud support installation companies that offer maintenance contracts?

CB: Yes it does. On one side there are installation companies that already offer remote maintenance contracts as part of the value that they give to their customers, and Texecom Cloud is aligned perfectly with that type of business model.

However, we have also seen a number of installation companies taking the opportunity to start offering those types of services, as Texecom Cloud has given them both the tools and capabilities.

One interesting thing we’re seeing is that Texecom Cloud usage is allowing installers to change their mindset on how they manage their business. There are companies actively engaging with the additional services and seeing that they can change their value proposition to end users.

We believe that Texecom cloud offers benefits to every type of installation company looking to offer a professional service. Ultimately, trained professionals installing our products offer the best end user experience, and we designed Texecom Cloud to support businesses that share these values.

IG: How are installation companies accessing Texecom Cloud, and how do they start using it?

CB: Texecom Cloud is available at and we are offering a free 14-day trial of the service. This allows any installation company that is interested in using the service the ability to evaluate it and see how it could benefit their business.

Companies are using the 14-day free trial to experiment, to play with it, to see how it fits their business day to day

So for a lot of companies they are taking the opportunity to experiment, to play with it, to see how it fits their business day to day. We see that companies are finding value in the service in different ways, depending on the size and nature of their business and type of business model.

And as a result, we are getting some really good feedback. A lot of the conversations we are having with Texecom Cloud users are really positive about what services are available, and then turn into an engaged discussion about extra features they would like us to add.

I think that’s an important point: that Texecom Cloud is a managed service that we are continuing to develop and enhance based on customer feedback and real-world needs.

IG: Does Texecom Cloud offer controls to protect users and data?

CB: One of the real benefits we’re seeing is the fact that installation companies can manage and tag their particular alarms sites to particular engineers. This makes sure only the right engineers, have the right access to the right systems. Having detailed event logs of exactly who is accessing, what system, where and how is increasingly important and using Texecom Cloud provides this audit trail to installation companies.

From a data protection perspective, Texecom Cloud was designed, built and tested during the run-up to GDPR becoming enforceable, so inherently data protection has been ‘baked in’ to the very design of the service, instead of a ‘bolted-on’ legal compliance as often seen with older cloud-based services.

IG: Do you see cloud-based services changing the way systems integrate?

CB: Yes. I think is going to change the way different systems integrate and share information.

Previously, building management system integration would happen at a hardware level. I think cloud-based services are going to change this, and with more and more systems connecting to the internet, it makes sense to connect to the cloud, in order to share and pass information.

This is going to increase intelligence and add further value. It’s also going to allow greater choice of service providers, as I think installation companies will be increasingly able to pick and choose the best in class for different types of services rather being stuck with the one provider that does a one-stop shop for everything.

IG: What other digital services are Texecom providing?

CB: We recently launched TexecomPro, an app-based service for installers to access the latest technical information regarding our products and services. It is available to download via

TexecomPro is a portal to access Texecom technical information, available on iOS and Android. We have done a lot of work in terms of making sure all our manuals dynamically respond to screen size, ensuring that installers can zoom in, access features and generally view manuals properly on a mobile device.

We offer the ability to download and save documents, create notes and highlight favourites that you access time and time again.

Installers can access our dedicated forum through the TexecomPro app, and with over 8,000 members of the forum there is a huge knowledge base on all things Texecom. And of course, TexecomPro users are guaranteed to get updates from Texecom with regards to news or technical bulletins or product announcements. TexecomPro is all things Texecom in your pocket.

Texecom is showcasing Texecom Cloud, TexecomPro and Texecom Connect at IFSEC International 2019, taking place 18-20 June 2019 at ExCeL London (stand IF2210). Book your free ticket now.

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