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February 17, 2020


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SPC Connect 3.0 released from Vanderbilt

The most recent version of the Vanderbilt SPC Connect has been released.

Version 3.0 of the unit, which is a remotely managed, cloud-based, intrusion detection system, has been updated to include a revamped user interface, while “focusing on more intuitive user operations”.

“With this release, we believe that the evolution of SPC Connect has reached a new level,” said Alexander Scheffold, Product Manager, Vanderbilt. “One of Vanderbilt’s targets is to provide state-of-the-art intrusion systems to our customers with a wide range of advantages. In our view, SPC Connect 3.0 ticks all of these boxes.”

Installers will now be able to view collected information and have an overview of the installed SPC systems out in the field. In addition, users are shown the overall status information with a multisite status widget, alongside a geographical site map, enhancing usability and the decision-making process for installers, highlights the company.

Vanderbilt-SPCConnect3.0-20A new centralised operations menu allows the installer to more intuitively navigate a specific operation much quicker.

“SPC Connect 3.0 has a completely reworked user interface that allows installers to get a faster overview of the installed SPC base,” said Ross Wilks, Head of Vanderbilt’s Marketing Communications.

“Through our research and received customer feedback, we have learned from our customer-base that greater visibility of their installed SPC systems is a priority for them. So now, with this new release, typical questions that installers might ask themselves – such as, which SPC firmware versions do my customers have? Where can I find a specific operation? Or where can I find the latest maintenance report from a specific panel? – are now only two or three clicks away.”

“This release was designed to be a customer-first experience,” added Scheffold. “The dashboard now contains interactive widgets that allows installers to create customised views, so for example, now you can quickly and clearly see the information you personally want most to execute your daily needs more efficiently.”

The SPC Connect 3.0 also comes with a new installer manual, allowing installers can find out more about features and answers to frequently asked questions easier.

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