Video Surveillance in Dubai: 21st Century Solutions

Somewhat unusual regulatory conditions in Dubai mean that certain establishments, such as shopping centres, gas stations, and jewellery stores, are legally required to install video surveillance technology. In addition, many parts of the city are being monitored 24 hours a day by static PTZ cameras. In every case, a qualified and independent surveyor must be brought in who will do the site survey and create the project plan.

Recently announced as finalists for the Security Excellence Awards, HeiTel and Xtralis successfully implement a vehicle fleet solution for the Dubai Police.

Learn how one security company was able to retrofit the Dubai police department with state-of-the-art surveillance solutions for their fleet of police cars including:

  • On-board camera, compression, and transmission equipment that can withstand the Dubai weather;
  • Providing camera and microphone interfaces for up to 10 analog or IP cameras to get the data back to the control room; and
  • Using Integrated Management System software to handle the incoming data.

These mobile components are by no means restricted to cars; the product line offers tailor- made CCTV solutions, including cameras for taxis, buses, trucks, and trams. All can be easily integrated into fleet management software via an embedded adaptor or external router (LAN connection with Cam4mobile) that hooks into the local 3G network with a fixed IP address.

Download this report and learn what security solutions are available and how your business can benefit from them.

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