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April 23, 2012

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Airport security investment to double over next six years

Frost & Sullivan predict the global airport security market will more than double expenditure to around $45 billion by 2018.

Investment in security across surveillance, access control, perimeter security, integration, screening, commany and control, and personnel came to $19.1 billion in 2011 according to new analysis from by Frost & Sullivan’s Aerospace division.

An increase in global air travel as well as the threat of terrorism and other crime at airports has driven massive growth in the security industry generally. Upgrades of aging equipment continue to offer opportunities for security solutions providers to supply the latest technology to airport operators.

Companies are continually investing in products that can be used to improve airport security, such as Oxfordshire firm Cobalt Light Systems, who have been trialling their hazardous liquids scanner for use in European airports.

Frost & Sullivan analyst Anthony Leather said, “High threat perceptions of criminal or terrorist attacks will continue to boost investment in airport security. Regional and global legislation is constantly amended and updated in an attempt to address any criminal or terrorist activity. This has compelled airport operators worldwide to continually update latest security procedures and technology solutions.”

Investment in airport security technologies will be especially widespread in Asia Pacific nations including India and China, where current security is labour-intensive, restricting the amount of money available.

Security system integration

Companies that are able to provide a total security solution are becoming more attractive to airport operators as convergence in the security market gathers pace.

Mr Leather said, “The integration of security systems is becoming vital for airport security managers. Integration results in a more comprehensive and cohesive security control that helps to respond to identified threats in a more efficient and effective manner. Therefore, technology that can be easily integrated will be in the most competitive position in the procurement process.”

Systems such as Human Recognition Systems’ M-Flow suite have already helped combine passenger flow management with security, and other systems that provide solutions to the problem of security and passenger satisfaction in a single investment are likely to continue to prove attractive to operators.

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