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July 4, 2022

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The 2022 State of Physical Access Control Report

Autonomous robots being used to bolster casino security operations across the US

Casinos across the United States are utilising autonomous security robots to better protect their premises and keep visitors and staff safe, according to reports.

Several casinos in the US have opted for autonomous security robots from Knightscope, a security technology company that builds ‘fully autonomous’ security robots, to better protect their premises and improve operations on the floor, the technology provider has reported.

Knightscope says customers can augment their security programme “at a fraction of the average rate for one 24-hour security post” with its autonomous robots. The machines patrol a premises to provide a physical security presence with “real-time” actionable intelligence to help detection and prevention, says the provider.


While the company supports a variety of sectors, it has particularly highlighted its work in the US casino market in recent months. The company believes this is due to the versatility of its robots in such environments in bolstering security operations, where large amounts of cash are handled, visitors are arriving frequently and alcohol is consumed.

Indeed, Knightscope recently signed its first Las Vegas casino client, which has casinos and gaming facilities with more than three dozen locations across the country. Its K5 robots will be used to patrol the Las Vegas facility’s parking lots and structure to deter criminal activity and help keep guests and their belongings safe.

Elsewhere, robots are being used to cover several security processes, including:

  • Patrolling parking lots and external facilities for trespassers
  • Monitoring the flow of people of interest – be they VIPs or known threats
  • Engaging visitors in a “fun and futuristic way”
  • Delivering on-brand messages
  • Supplementing guarding shortages

Several varieties of autonomous robot are available, from units which are non-mobile to monitor entry and exit points, to fully mobile patrol robots designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Knightscope isn’t the only provider of robots supplying casino operations, with Robotic Assistance Devices also reporting use of its products in the market.


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