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May 30, 2023


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Bidvest Noonan invests in robotics solution to support security operations

Facility and security services provider, Bidvest Noonan, has invested in an advanced robotics solution from Boston Dynamics to support security and safety operations.

With an aesthetic not dissimilar to a dog, ‘Spot’ walks on four legs, which is said to make it more stable, agile and versatile than bipedal or wheeled robots. It can travel at up to 3.5 miles per hour, more than 15% faster than the average human walking pace.

Bidvest NoonanSpot1-RoboticsSolution-23Bidvest Noonan says the investment is in line with its commitment to using “innovative technology to improve safety and efficiency”.

Spot comes equipped with features that are instrumental in performing security tasks. These tools allow Spot to perform real-time inspections, mapping, and data gathering, even under challenging and hazardous conditions which may not be safe or appropriate for humans.

Spot can be equipped to gather a wide range of data, generate detailed 3D maps, and identify anomalies, including changes in temperature and sound.

The data it collects can be used to enhance security operations in several ways, explains the manufacturer, such as identifying patterns in activity and detecting potential hazards. Spot can also capture real time video footage of an area, allowing security teams to monitor and respond to incidents.

Peter Smyth, Director of Innovation and Technology at Bidvest Noonan commented: “Spot represents an important step forward for the security industry. It is a highly innovative robot and it will be used to augment security teams and keep people safe in a variety of ways.

“One of its key attributes is the ability to customise it by integrating different equipment options through the base platform mounting rails. This versatility allows Spot to adapt for numerous business applications, including Security Patrols, Alarm Responses, repeatable data capture for asset maintenance, and performance management, among others.

“I firmly believe that ground-breaking technologies like Spot will have a profoundly positive impact on the security industry in the coming years, and I take great pride in Bidvest Noonan being among the first security companies to invest in Spot.”


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