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March 17, 2023


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Healthcare security

Healthcare staff get safety alarms as violent incidents increase

Pinpoint releases new staff safety alarms as violence in healthcare settings surges.

Pinpoint’s safety alarm

Pinpoint was initially set up to address increasing rates of violence toward hospital workers which had an impact on staff morale, absenteeism, and retention.

The family-owned business in Scotland has announced upgrades to its staff safety systems, which can be found in all NHS healthcare Trusts across the UK as well as Ireland and the US, according to Pinpoint.

Through Personal Infrared Transmitters (PITs), staff can ‘discreetly’ activate calls for Assistance and Emergency.

When a call is made from a PIT, Alphanumeric Display Units emit an alarm tone (if required) and are designed to pinpoint the exact location and type of call for a response team to react to. This information can also be relayed to a range of devices such as pagers, mobiles and PC’s ensuring response staff can identify both the type and source of call quickly.

Infrared capabilities mean that the system reportedly takes less than 85 milliseconds from activation to display. Pinpoint is also said to hardwire their systems for added reliability of communication between the staff safety system and the integrated alarm receiver network.

The advancements are designed to provide even greater protection for healthcare staff working in a variety of high-risk settings, including hospitals, mental health facilities and correctional facilities.

‘67% of healthcare workers experienced physical abuse’

Johan Celliers, Security Advisor for Southwest Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Under our Duty of Care and Health and Safety at Work legislation, organisations have a responsibility to create a safe working environment for their staff.

Staff alarm screen

“Procedures and systems are part of the control measures identified in risk assessments to address risks concerning aggression within our work environments.  Pinpoint’s staff safety systems are not only used for emergency incidents but can also be used to summon assistance for low level incidents such as falls on the ward, or as a nurse call system.

“These systems provide staff with the reassurance that support can be summoned at all times and even across different wards.”

The launch of P2 by Pinpoint comes at a critical time for the healthcare sector.

A 2022 YouGov survey found that 67% of healthcare workers experienced physical abuse in the last 12 months, while 20% reported being subject to violence once a week.

Hospital staff need advanced, reliable, and effective security solutions to meet their needs in healthcare settings, believes the firm.

Celliers added: “The systems provide reassurance to staff that they can summon help in emergency situations.

“We have also used the systems to provide reassurance to individuals who are experiencing anxiety within the ward environment.  Pinpoint also now offers a dedicated nurse call system that we installed in all of our ensuite bedrooms to allow patients to summon help should they need it.”

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