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October 10, 2022


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IFSEC Global Podcast

IFSEC Global Podcast: Episode 6 – Improving decision making in high-risk scenarios and the concept of Presilience

In episode 6 of the IFSEC Global Security in Focus podcast, we hear from Dr Gavriel Schneider, CEO of Risk 2 Solution, as he explains ‘Presilience’ and how security professionals can improve their decision making in high-risk scenarios. Dr Gav provides listeners with a grounding in the difference between resilience and Presilience, a concept he has developed over many years of frontline experience and academic research in the security sector.

Why do humans make bad decisions? And, how can security teams integrate risk and resilience to put the emphasis on the individuals managing it themselves? Have a listen to this episode to find out! As always, Dr Gav also gives us his view on some of the key trends in the security sector at present – touching upon the growth of the cyber threat, how to manage integrated risk, and the impact of lockdowns around the world.

Dr Gavriel (Gav) Schneider is a leader in the field of human based risk management and the psychology of risk. He is the creator of the concept of Presilience which enabled his business to be recognised as among Australia’s most innovative companies in the prestigious AFR innovation awards 2021.

Dr Gavriel Schneider

He is acknowledged as a leading academic in his field and in his spare time serves as Director of the Post Graduate Psychology of Risk program at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) and a senior researcher for the Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC). He is the CEO of the Risk 2 Solution group of companies (R2S), which focuses on delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions in the Risk, Resilience, Cyber, Intelligence, Safety, Security, Medical and Emergency response fields. Dr Gav is a sought-after international speaker and also the author of the highly acclaimed ‘Can I See your Hands: A Guide to Situational Awareness, Personal Risk Management, Resilience and Security’. Gav also won the RMIA Risk Consultant of the Year in 2019.

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