Security and the pandemic – Utilising people and technology to improve resilience

James Willison explores how people and technology, such as that found in converged security platforms, can help the security sector in becoming more resilient in pandemics. Read More

The move towards Presilience – Dr Gavriel Schneider & Tony Mcguirk

Dr Gavriel Schneider and Tony Mcguirk explain a new approach to business strategy and risk management, referred to as ‘Presilience'. Read More

“Travelex tragedy proves cyber resilience must become the new watchword”

Cyber security is critical but the next challenge is to build true cyber resilience and business continuity into our organisations, says Richard Huison, from Gallagher Security. Read More

RISCAuthority launches tool for mitigating supply chain vulnerabilities as no-deal Brexit looms

Free too use for any UK business the Supply Chain Risk Assessment Tool has been developed in response to growing numbers of supply chain disruptions and businesses failing to recover. Read More

A revolution in business resilience? Portal that empowers businesses with bespoke risk reports launched by FPA

The business resilience discipline could be revolutionised by a new risk-analysis portal, its developer, the Fire Protection Association (FPA), believes. Read More

FRS Attends Plane Crash, Wildfire and Collapsed Building in Just Three Days

A series of resilience training exercises saw 20 fire and rescue services hone their response to disastrous scenarios that might arise from a period of unprecedentedly extreme weather. Read More

London First: Resilience and Counter Terror in Safe Cities

Robert Hall, director of Security & Resilience at London First, discusses the challenges facing city authorities and an urban resilience conference scheduled for October. Read More

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