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April 22, 2021

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Whitepaper: Boosting efficiency and streamlining security with an integrated access control solution

Security products round-up – April 2021

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market in April. Releases include new thermal cameras, access control applications, updates to integrated security management platforms, LPS 1175 turnstiles and an innovative approach to protecting security officers on the frontline! 



HeatPro Series

Hikvision has launched the HeatPro, a new thermal series of cameras designed to provide affordable all-weather deterrent and alerts, which are said to be useful in perimeter protection and fire prevention applications.

The HeatPro Series Cameras feature deep-learning thermal video analytics for perimeter protection, and object temperature measurement and fire detection with real-time alarms. Features like accurate human/vehicle classification, visual and auditory alarms for perimeter protection, and speedy temperature exception alarms for fire prevention make them ideal for SMB (small and midsize business) applications, believes the manufacturer.

The series contains a number of different models and options, with bullet and turret forms, and Bi-spectrum or single lenses. The cameras can be built into several solutions, for instance seamlessly working with NVRs, AX PRO alarm systems, and even Hik-Connect for real-time mobile alerts by phone.

Traditionally thermal cameras require specialist engineers to configure and double check, meaning both extra time and energy is needed. HeatPro cameras have been designed with installation time and effort in mind. Hikvision explains they are simpler to install and so installers can spend more time correctly configuring for optimum operation and the lowest false alarm rate possible.

Find out more about the HeatPro range.




Suprema CoreStation is a biometric-enabled security controller that is designed to provide great system design flexibility with credential options ranging from PIN, RF card reader, mobile access to fingerprint and face recognition.

The company highlights several use cases in which customers are using the access control system differently to support their own requirements. For example, Meyer, a partner in Turkey, was able to construct a face recognition access control system for its customer using Suprema CoreStation and Suprema face recognition terminals.

Meanwhile, IQ trading, a partner in Ukraine, enabled fingerprint recognition access control system for a banking customer. Andrii Glukhov, technical support lead at IQ trading, cited CoreStation’s scalability, enterprise level memory and interlock zone support as advantages. Finally, Absolon, a partner in Europe, provided a mobile access solution to Crestyl, a leading real estate developer in Czech, using CoreStation. The site had over 100 doors with 1,500 employees and required a secure yet flexible controller that could be easily integrated with third party systems.

Find out more about CoreStation from Suprema.



Security Center update

A new version (v 5.10) of the unified security platform, Security Center, has been revealed by Genetec. Among many new enhancements, this major new release allows more system components to run in the cloud, reducing the gap between cloud and on-premises security systems. It also makes it easier to connect external systems and tap external data for use in dashboards, maps and investigations without relying on complex, specialised integrations.
The new version of Security Center brings enterprise video surveillance customers new options to facilitate their migration to the cloud as well as support flexible hybrid-cloud architectures. Taking a step further towards unified, enterprise Video-Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS), the new version of Security Center Omnicast­ — the video management system of Security Center — enables the use of tiered cloud and on-premises storage to manage short- and long-term video archives according to customer needs. Sipelia Communications Management, the module that enables SIP-based communications between operators and intercom devices, has also been enhanced to offer support for cloud-based deployment.

Among other new features, a new, no-code solution to connect external data source to enhance an operator’s situational awareness has been developed for improved operator response, while the Genetec Mobile app now supports Genetec Mission Control incidents and standard operating procedures.

Find out more about Security Center 5.10.




The latest update to Paxton’s combined video management and access control platform, Paxton10, now allows administrators to manage multiple sites, spanning cities, countries and even continents. Based on feedback from its installers and end-users, Paxton continues to develop the system, with the latest update supporting expanding businesses with multiple sites, and public spaces such as school clusters or healthcare trusts.

By utilising Paxton10 Cloud Services, it is now possible for up to 100 sites to be managed by a single Paxton10 server. To connect the sites via the web-based software, an activation code is used to identify a Paxton10 controller at the destination, and the system does the rest. The Multi-site feature in Paxton10 can be set up in minutes with minimal technical knowledge, assures the vendor. It does not need a VPN, or any additional infrastructure.

A single Paxton10 system can still support up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras. Site administrators can add up to 50,000 users, with no additional license fees.

Find out more about how Paxton10 Multi-site works. 



XVP video intercom-entry

CAME has unveiled its XVP video intercom-entry product. A high-end entry panel, the device has a glass finish, IP connectivity that guarantees remote access and management, 7″ touch screen display with optical bonding technology and materials that withstand extreme temperatures.

The interface is said to be highly customisable to meet all requirements for both private residential properties and office spaces. For instance, users can customise the home page and screen saver to preserve energy, or show logos and welcome messages. The proximity sensor detects the presence within one metre and immediately activates the XVP menu, while the camera is said to have a wide field of view that captures people and objects outside the normal range.

The new XVP audio-visual system has also been developed with particular attention to users with sight or hearing disabilities. Integrated speech synthesis scans essential information and is available in 12 languages, the pictograms shown on the display are universally recognisable and the integrated magnetic induction system transmits the sound so that it can be understood by hearing aid users.

Find out more about the XVP intercom from CAME.


Barkers Fencing

LPS 1175 certified turnstiles

Barkers-TurnGuardPro-21After experiencing “significant growth” in its high security fencing and gates LPS 1175 certified products, Barkers Fencing has introduced a new set of turnstiles for securing the perimeter and providing a high degree of control for access. They are said to be ideal for industrial, data centres, utilities, vaccine and biochemical facilities, military and critical infrastructure.

Barkers have developed three versions which are said to match any Barkers LPS 1775 certified fence:

  • TurnGuard Pro SL1 meets LPS 1175 A1 (previously SR1)
  • TurnGuard Pro SL2 meets LPS 1175 B3 (previously SR2). With SecureGuard SL2 infill also meets LPS 1175 C1.
  • TurnGuard Pro SL3 meets LPS 1175 C5 (previously SR3)

With a range of anti-cut and anti-tampering features, each variant has been designed to resist attack to the desired threat level. TurnGuard Pro turnstiles are designed to be easy to operate and can be configured to a range of pre-set standards using the high-spec control panel. Arriving pre-assembled, they are ready to bolt down and commission, as well as relevant to the latest safety standards with built in anti-trap systems and free rotation in the event of a fire.

Find out more about the TurnGuard range from Barkers Fencing.



HikCentral Professional integrated security software update

HikCentral Professional 2.0 now supports a broader range of security and business applications in one platform, all managed with a new user interface. The company has unveiled its newly updated HikCentral Professional 2.0 security software (“HCP 2.0”), which blends feeds from multiple systems onto a single platform. HCP 2.0 can be configured to link video security devices, alarm and access control systems, and more, including third-party systems through the OpenAPI – for easier centralised management of a variety of security and business applications.

Frank Zhang, President of Hikvision’s International Product and Solution Center, said: “This is an important release for us, and a significant leap forward in our security management software offerings. HikCentral Professional 2.0 will help our customers manage a variety of activities seamlessly on one platform. We’re excited to see the value it delivers.”

HikCentral Professional 2.0 integrates multiple business and security systems with several key applications, including video cameras; security alarms; access control; HR management; site management; visitor management; intelligent analysis and reporting software; and the deployment of digital signage solutions.

Find out more about HikCentral Professional 2.0.



Video analytics platform update

Briefcam has updated its video analytics platform to v6.0, enabling businesses with multiple, distributed locations to view aggregate data from all remote sites to uncover trends across locations, optimise operations and boost real-time alerting and response.

Multi-location businesses, such as retail franchises, building management companies, and chain establishments, are often challenged to understand why certain sites are more successful, productive, or optimized effectively for safety than others. The company believes its v6.0 update will help unlock valuable insights hidden within volumes of video content across multiple locations, making video searchable and actionable for increased productivity, safety and ROI. Businesses can aggregate and compare such features as visitor paths, dwell time, customer demographics, traffic hotspots and background changes, across locations, all on one centralized management dashboard. BriefCam v6.0 also features accuracy and performance improvements, including an improved face recognition engine that increases in the wild face matching detection by 17%. Face matching with face masks is also supported, and the accuracy of this capability has been dramatically enhanced with this latest release. These improvements enable greater acceleration of video investigations and situational awareness by rapidly matching faces in video, both forensically and in real-time.

Find out more about Briefcam v6.0.



SmartTag – protecting officers on the frontline

Following successful trials with police and security staff in South Yorkshire, SmartTag is now being made available to SIA security officers working in the wider Yorkshire area. Following the increase in attacks on frontlines workers during COVID lockdowns, each officer will be equipped with a uniquely formulated handheld spray for their own use. If offenders are sprayed with SmartTag, they risk being refused entry to any premises equipped with SmartTag detectors.

SmartTag is another initiative of the Taming Aggression Group (T.A.G), which is headed by Sir Keith Povey QPM, the purpose of which is to reduce the level of aggression in society. Its first initiative, working with South Yorkshire Police to reduce domestic abuse, was highly successful with a significant reduction in attacks.

Detective Superintendent Lee Berry, who launched a pilot last year with security guards when at South Yorkshire Police, said: “Our aim was to create a deterrent for door staff to diffuse violent incidents before they escalated. Over 100 canisters were deployed across the county following a successful trial in Sheffield. We received great feedback from door staff who said they had diffused situations by warning those involved that they would be forensically marked.”


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