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January 27, 2021

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Product News

Security products round-up – January 2021

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market in January.


Axis Communications

I8016-LVE Network Video Intercom 

Designed for two-way communication, video identification, and remote entry control, the ‘vandal-resistant’ AXIS I8016-LVE Network Video Intercom is said to be ideal for surveillance in complete darkness and demanding situations.

With a 5 MP security camera and “exceptional” audio quality with echo and noise cancellation, the unit is designed to ensure reliable identification, while the invisible IR night vision enables it to identify visitors when dark.

Based on open standards and interfaces, the device offers various integration possibilities with video management, access control systems and VoIP communication, the device is also said to offer easy installation into standard installation boxes.


IP Door Entry


IP Door Entry has launched its BATICONNECT CLOUD platform, designed to provide real-time remote management for more secure residency access. Users are now able to make changes to access permissions, key codes, key fobs and add new users via the platform, reducing the need to be present on-site with contractors and residents, and thereby increasing response times. The company highlights its access control systems come with ‘high level encryption technology’ and encompass an extra layer of security to protect against unauthorised key fob cloning.

The IPGUARD ranges allows users to see, talk and grant access to those at their door remotely. The IPGUARD & EVE196-X3 (access control, door controller unit) is SBD recognised by the Police Service for having achieved the Police Preferred Specification.

Find out more from IP Door Entry.


CLD Fencing Systems

Automatic Gate Range

CLD Fencing Systems has achieved the new LPS 1175 Issue 8 B3 (SR2) and C5 (SR3) for its S Range of Automatic Gates. Both the Double Leaf Vehicle Lockmaster S2 and S3 Automatic Swing Gate systems are available in heights from 2.4 to 5.0m and widths of 2.4m to 10.0m. This allows them to match with the 2020 launched Securus AC MK II (B3) and Securus S3 (C5) Fencing Systems.

Stewart Plant, Director of Marketing for the CLD Group of Companies said: “Not only evolving, but designing new gate and fencing systems to mitigate against the latest threats and tool sets has been a passion for CLD Fencing Systems since our first very first LPS 1175 tested and certified fencing system. Almost 10 years later we continue to lead the industry with a complete product range that can offer physical perimeter protection for the end client. By developing not only new fencing systems to LPS 1175, but gate systems as well allows the right level of matching prevention, ingress and egress to be controlled across the whole project.”

Find out more from CLD Fencing.


Axis Communications

Fixed dome AI camera

Axis Communications has launched the AXIS P3255-LVE Dome Camera, providing a platform for analytics based on artificial intelligence (AI) with deep learning. This fixed dome camera features a dual chipset that is the basis for “nuanced and very granular object classification”.

The chipset combines the proprietary Axis ARTPEC-7 chip with a deep-learning processing unit (DLPU), while the advanced hardware offers an opportunity to take advantage of custom-made third-party applications based on AI. The dual chipset also makes it possible for preinstalled AXIS Object Analytics to detect and classify humans and/or vehicles as well as distinguish between different types of vehicles such as cars, busses, trucks, and bikes (motorcycle/bicycle).

Additionally, the dual chipset allows analytics to run on the camera (on the edge), which results in a faster and more scalable system, explains the company. Other benefits include real-time processing, and lower costs and complexity. Storage and bandwidth needs, as well as privacy concerns, are also reduced because only relevant video is transferred over the network.

Find out more from Axis Communications. 



GAITronics-TempSensing-21Temperature Sensing

GAI-TRONICS has announced its new access control temperature sensing feature to its HUBBCOM family of products. Designed to facilitate a contactless check-in process for employees and authorised visitors in a building, the feature can also read body temperatures when users are wearing masks, assures the company.

The feature is said to work as follows:

  • An authorised user walks into a business’s vestibule/lobby, scans their access card and is prompted to align their face with the template that appears on the screen.
  • Body temperature is “read within 2-5 seconds” and, if a satisfactory temperature is detected, access is granted.
  • Access to a building is denied if an irregular body temperature is detected.
  • An email report of the body temperature and photo are sent to a pre-determined individual (security personnel or facility operations management etc.).

Find out more from GAI-TRONICS.



Paxton10 Key app

The security technology manufacturer has updated its Paxton Key app within its Paxton10 system, enabling smart devices to become contactless access tokens, as well as adding new remote site management functionality.

Paxton Key works with Paxton10 readers, PaxLock Pro and Entry panels using four steps:

  • A smartphone, tablet or smartwatch sends an encrypted advert up to a range of 10 metres
  • A Paxton10 reader connects
  • Free Bluetooth credentials are exchanged
  • Access is granted or denied

The app boasts an added layer of site security via personal identification and verification. When using the dual authentication process, a Paxton10 system can require a user to present their smart credential and then verify their identity. This works by using the biometric capabilities already available in a user’s device such as fingerprint scanning or facial recognition.

Alongside the update to the Paxton Key app, Paxton has released an update to its web based Paxton10 software. The update offers a new remote management functionality allowing an installer to re-boot Paxton hardware, as well as delete and reinstate any database stored locally on the hardware, from anywhere, anytime.

The update also introduces new video management features. Privacy Masking allows you to screen areas caught on camera that you do not wish to record. Improved image recording with wide dynamic range control offers more balance between light and dark areas, and you can now manually switch between day and night recording for greater control of infrared light.

Find out more about the Paxton Key App.



License Plate Recognition Camera Kit Solution

Vivotek has launched its IP9165-LPR (Street) license plate recognition kit, featuring a built-in licence plate recognition system, supporting whitelists and blaclists for licence plate verification. It also offers several APIs for third-party integration such as traffic management, toll collection and weighbridge systems.
With the adoption of snap-in corresponding IR LEDs and a built-in headlight filter, the IP9165-LPR Kit (Street) is said to deliver great results for license plate recognition in both the highest levels of glare and in the darkest hours of the night. The company’s LPR Scene Mode provides different exposure levels to avoid overexposure in some lighting conditions, while the kit can capture clear plate images from the vehicles moving at speeds of up to 60 MPH (90 km/hr), the business adds.

Find out more about the Vivotek IP9165-LPR Kit (Street).



OnGuard Security Management System Version 8.0

LenelS2 has updated its OnGuard security management system to version 8.0. Major updates include integration with the Magic Monitor unified client, interactive maps, a new reporting engine, cyber security enhancements and more.

The OnGuard security management system provides critical features like occupancy management, enhanced access control and proactive screening solutions to better protect people and assets, and optimize building health and efficiency, explains LenelS2.

“OnGuard version 8.0 provides end users with the tools they need to be in complete control of their security environment and transform security data into actionable insights,” said Jeff Stanek, president, LenelS2. “As the world returns to the workplace, the breadth of new features, updates and enhancements in OnGuard version 8.0 make it an ideal solution for today’s unique security challenges.”

Find out more from LenelS2.


Hanwha Techwin

Multi-directional cameras

Two new Wisenet cameras equipped with the Wisenet7 chipset have added to the company’s portfolio of multi-directional cameras.

The 4-channel PNM-9022V utilises alpha blending technology to stitch the overlapping images captured by its four Full HD sensors into a 8.3-megapixel 209° image. The device can also be used to capture 180° images, with operators able to take advantage of digital PTZ functionality across two of the camera’s channels. The Wisenet7 chipset enables the camera to capture high definition colour images in low lighting level, Wide Dynamic Range technology and enhanced cyber security protection, amongst other benefits.

Hanwha has also launched the PNM-9322VQP with 4 sensors and an integral PTZ camera, designed to provide a cost-effective solution for detecting and tracking objects over wide open areas. The option of exchangeable 2 and 5-megapixel lens modules enables the camera’s sensors to work together to capture 360° images of up to 20-megapixel resolution. In addition, the device’s PTZ camera element can be configured to zoom in and track a moving object or move to a user defined preset position when the line crossing detection function of the multi-directional camera detects activity.

Find out more from Hanwha Techwin.

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