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September 5, 2022


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Product news

Security products round-up – August 2022

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and software updates to hit the security market throughout August 2022. This month we cover new integrations, perimeter security, drones, smart security and license plate recognition.

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CLD Fencing

Playground perimeter security

CLD Fencing’s FlexaRail system, developed to safeguard and protect children’s play areas, has been re-engineered to offer new features in safety and sustainability.

The system has been scaled up to include the latest installation and safety adaptions and offers a more sustainable manufacturing process, says CLD, enabling clients to specify an environmentally focused security solution. Another benefit includes approval by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for the use of FlexaRail’s standard bow top around play areas.

The system’s vertical tubular bar metal railings are available in a variety of heights to allow taller panels to be created where physical security needs to be ramped up, designed to create a formidable barrier around nursery, school and playground perimeters. FlexaRail is purpose-built to offer perimeter protection on uneven ground, with self-raking metal railings following the contours of steep gradients without the need for stepping.



MailSecur scanner launched to detect drug-laced papers

RaySecur, a provider of desktop T-ray security imaging scanners, has announced an expansion of its T-Suite Image Processing Platform for detecting papers laced with illicit drugs.

The technology is designed to help correctional facilities who struggle to stem the flow of drugs into prisons and jails, via papers soaked with drugs and other harmful substances. When dried, the drug-laced papers can be undetectable to humans, making the papers an ideal substrate for smuggling. When paper is treated with drugs, it changes the way it interacts with the T-rays, which enables the MailSecur scanner to detect the anomaly – without anyone having to open the mail.

Placing the letter or parcel on the scanning bed, will display a 4D video of the contents in real-time which will dynamically change as the operator manipulates the object on the scanning bed. Untreated or normal paper displays a green image, while treated papers will present as yellow or red depending upon the saturation level. MailSecur uses safe T-rays, or mmWaves, and is reported to be the first scanner of its kind to receive Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) under the DHS Safety Act.

MailSecur requires no special training and is said to be “300 times more sensitive than X-rays at detecting powders or liquids”. In addition, MailSecur can detect all nine types of dangerous substances identified by DHS, according to the manufacturer. General availability of the laced paper T-Suite solution will be in Q4 2022, with other offerings to follow.



License plate capture camera

IDIS has enhanced its line-up of video security solutions with the launch of a NDAA-compliant license plate capture camera. The camera is designed to enable users to accurately capture the license plates of vehicles worldwide travelling at up to 50mph (80 km/h). The 2MP DC-T6224HRXL has a detection range of up to 100 metres in full light and advanced IR to capture images at up to 20 metres.

The camera also has analytics including motion detection, active tampering, and trip zones and can be quickly and easily connected to IDIS DirectIP NVRs to allow rapid installation and secure connectivity. The DC-T6224HRXL is said to be ideal for single lane traffic monitoring and crime prevention.

Offering true WDR, the DC-T6224HRXL reportedly delivers clear, full-HD images, while two-way audio and alarms allow operators to detect, verify, and respond to security events quickly . ‘Uninterrupted’ forensic evidence is assured with IDIS Smart Failover, while the user interfaces of the enterprise-class IDIS Solution Suite VMS, the cost-free IDIS Center client software and IDIS mobile apps are designed to make it easy and flexible to operate.



Expanded hardware range

Briton, a provider of door controls and exit hardware in the UK, has launched its 5700 series, a heavy-duty euro profile cylinder mortice lockcase. The collection, dimensionally compatible with Briton’s 5400 series and available with round and square forend and strikes, offers a range of functions, including Deadlock, Sashlock, Escape Lock, Nightlatch and Bathroom Lock and Latch.

Designed for all medium-to high-use applications, the Certifire accredited 5700 series lockcase is said to deliver robust strength and reliability, constructed from Grade 316 Stainless Steel and fire tested to EN 1634-1 for use on timber and steel fire doors. A DIN standard mortice lock, the series accommodates all levels of mobility and is ideal for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and buildings in domestic or public settings with high footfall such as schools or hospitals.

The series also features a 20mm single throw deadbolt, designed for single-turn, instant egress and a quick reversible latch for trouble-free on-site handling. The 5700 durability is supported by its CE and UKCA marks to EN 12209 and EN 179, as well as a 10-year guarantee.


Corsight AI

Enhanced security in smart cities in partnership with OneMind Technologies

Corsight AI has announced its partnership with OneMind Technologies, a subsidiary of Affluence Corporation and a specialist in hypervisors for smart industries, to support the development of safe smart cities across the globe. Its AI-powered solution is set to integrate with OneMind hypervisors, which is designed to provide operators with a holistic picture of real-time smart city performance, to boost security in smart environments and expedite incident remediation.

With the global smart city market value predicted to surge by 2030, these connected environments and the technologies that power them have been found to be able to reduce crime by 30%– 40%, according to the vendor. The partnership between OneMind and Corsight AI is an example of how IoT integrations can support police forces with increased intelligence to identify and fight criminal behaviour and protect the community. OneMind’s recently launched Hypervisor SVI, for example, integrates Number Plate Recognition, Vehicle Registration and Corsight’s Facial Recognition solutions to support police departments in response to carjackings.



DedronePortable launched for military and commercial use

Dedrone has launched DedronePortable, an all-in-one kit that offers comprehensive drone detection, tracking, and identification capabilities (DTI) on the go. Said to be used by military, government agencies, and commercial entities around the world, DedronePortable offers Dedrone’s machine learning technology and end-to-end defeat capabilities via a system designed to be set-up in the field, in less than 20 minutes.

The device can be combined with DroneDefender to not only DTI enemy/unauthorised drones but also deny and disrupt the RF bands used by most commercial and military drones, and across the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS, and QZSS geo-location bands. These capabilities help to ensure that military or homemade RC controllers, along with commercially available drones, can be detected and mitigated. Additionally, DedronePortable can be equipped with the ability to deliver dis-information to the enemy through deliberate drone spoofing capability, if required for combat situations.

All key components required for drone detection are included in DedronePortable, which can be easily transported from location to location. All required equipment including sensors, power supply, cables, a ruggedized laptop pre-loaded with the DedroneTracker and the drone identification database DedroneDNA, and more come pre-packaged in easy to transport and assemble kits.



Fibra technology

Ajax has developed Fibra, a digital-generation wired technology. Fibra is designed to combine the reliability of wires with the freedom of radio connection. Features from Ajax’s wireless solutions are included with Fibra – up to 2,000 meters of connectivity, compatibility with all types of devices, 60 hours of operation of a system consisting of 30 devices on a backup battery, advanced anti-sabotage, photo verifications, instant notifications, hassle-free installation and remote configuration through an app.

At the physical level, Fibra detectors are connected to a control panel with a four-core cable. However, the new technology is hidden at the software level. Fibra requires minimum power for two-way packet data transmission and this feature is designed to provide more freedom when installing the system, compared to both the analogue and digital solutions available in the market, says Ajax.

The communication protocol logic helps to ensure collision protection: 30 detectors connected to one line will communicate steadily, even while being triggered simultaneously. Alarms are transmitted in 0.15 seconds. Fibra communication is organised according to the TDMA principle. Each device is allotted a short time frame to exchange data with a hub and the rest of the time, their communication modules are inactive. This is designed to reduce power consumption and help avoid interferences even when multiple devices communicate simultaneously.



6MP and 8MP PTZ Cameras

IDIS has launched four new 8MP and 6MP PTZ cameras that deliver “outstanding” image quality and extend the company’s NDAA-compliant line-up. The new choice of outdoor-ready and vandal-resistant 8MP (DC-S6881HRX) and 6MP (DC-S6681HRX) models combine infrared (IR) technology with powerful 31x optical zoom, autofocus lenses and 30 frames per second to provide broad coverage, even in low-light settings.

The cameras feature IDIS Smart Failover; built-in heaters; IDIS Intelligent Codec to deliver bandwidth and storage savings; true WDR, and electronic image stabilisation to minimise the impact of vibration and shaking. Designed for wide-area surveillance operations, the models are said to give users the ability to quickly verify security events, with the capability to clearly identify objects and recognise faces at distances of up to 300m for forensic purposes. Two-way audio provides operators with the ability to pre-configure alerts or issue verbal warnings.

The cameras are also equipped with motion detection, tampering alarms, and a range of smart PTZ features that can move between pre-set positions and zoom in automatically in response to detected objects or events. The 8MP and 6MP PTZs have plug-and-play connectivity with IDIS DirectIP NVRs and are backed by extended warranties. Users can choose the cost-free IDIS Center or the modular, enterprise-class IDIS Solution Suite video management software (VMS) that comes without on-going license fees.



Multi-stream, multimedia hybrid video encoder and recorder

Vemotion Interactive, a UK manufacturer of live video streaming solutions for systems integrators and OEM solutions providers, has released the VB-400, a rugged MIL-SPEC, multi-stream, multi-media hybrid encoder and recorder.

The device supports any mix of analogue and IP cameras, and HDMI and HD-SDI inputs. Using Vemotion’s V-TX transmission technology, VB-400 is designed to deliver low latency and high-quality images transmitted at efficient bitrates, to withstand the ‘most challenging’ of wireless (GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and Satellite), or wired (UTP and fibre) network conditions.

Suitable for a wide variety of video transmission applications, the rugged, aluminium bodied MIL-SPEC VB-400 is ideal for use in harsh environments, such on-board vehicles or extremes of operating temperature. Offering flexible performance, the encoder caters for additional input ports and PoE, to provide power for multiple IP cameras from just one device.

Multiple cameras can be viewed in different split-screen formats, including mosaic and quad screen, from a single stream. The VB-400 can also accommodate more streams and analogue cards, or an additional modem, to provide flexible configuration to meet any advanced streaming requirement. With ‘plug & play’ configuration, the VB-400 employs user-friendly set-up and features, and together with a local user interface, includes the ability to define on-board recording and transmission parameters, for full rate camera viewing and control (including recorded footage playback).


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