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June 29, 2021


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Product news

Security products round-up – June 2021

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market in June. Releases include new cloud-based body cameras, security management systems, intercoms, electronic padlocks, new surveillance cameras and plenty of integration-based updates to access control software! 

Keep up to date with all the product releases and software updates in the security industry here:

Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:

Eagle Eye Networks

Direct-to-Cloud Body Camera

Eagle Eye Networks has introduced a 4G, direct-to-cloud body camera designed specifically for commercial use to the security market. This new offering is said to provide customers with affordable access to feature-rich, professional-grade body camera services, which improve staff safety and accountability, trigger immediate response, and provide valuable evidence, all while protecting assets and keeping communities safe. The device has secure 4G and Wi-Fi capabilities, two-way audio, geo-tagging, and alarm features which combine with the company’s cloud infrastructure service, alongside fisheye capabilities that can be dewarped for a wider viewing area in the Eagle Eye Cloud Management application.

Body cameras are initially available on the Eagle Eye Networks CameraManager platform, with availability on the Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) in 2022.

“The demand for high-quality body cameras that connect to the cloud has been growing for several years, accelerating even more with the pandemic, social unrest, and the shift to providing more in-home, curbside, and remote services,” said Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “Traditional law enforcement body cameras use a high-dollar subscription model, which is too steeply priced for commercial customers. Eagle Eye Networks will support the new Eagle Eye Body Cameras at the same low subscription cost of fixed cameras, making the solution affordable for commercial customers accustomed to paying up front for advanced cameras with affordable long-term subscriptions.”

Find out more about the direct-to-cloud body cameras from Eagle Eye Networks. 




Hikvision’s new AX PRO wireless security system is based around a central hub panel, which wirelessly connects and controls a range of security products, such as PIR detectors, door sensors, CCTV, intercom and access control systems.

AX PRO is said to offer users and installers multiple system management options, including control via the Hik-Connect mobile app, and the capability to link directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre for full professional security monitoring and response. Features include Hikvision Tri-X Technology, IVaaS (Intruder Verification as a Service) and app compatibility, while the software can support up to 96 wireless devices, with a range of up to 2km. Multiple detectors have also been developed to coincide with the system launch, such as combined PIR and Breakglass, and Dual Technology, as well as panic buttons and door contacts.

AX PRO is fully compatible with Hik-ProConnect, which delivers full installer configuration and provides sensor and system health monitoring. Installers can also configure AX PRO for monitoring by an ARC for full professional alarm response.



IP Style Intercom

2N has launched its new IP Style intercom with a “next generation platform” supported by an Axis processor.

Said to meet the requirements for modern residential and commercial buildings, the device has a 10” touchscreen LCD display for a detailed view of incoming visitors, which is protected by scratch-resistant 4mm tempered glass. Users will also benefit from the ‘smartphone-style’ touchscreen display with instant response and smooth animations, according to the manufacturer.

The Axis Artpec 7 chipset is said to ensure the IP Style can handle multiple simultaneous full HD streams and provides a full-colour picture without any artificial light. It has a 5MPx camera with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology for improved image quality and identification of the visitor, even in darkness or uneven lighting conditions outside.

Based on feedback from security and installation companies, 2N has also developed a new installation mechanism for the new intercom. The patented tilt-out system allows installers to use both hands to work with the cables, making installation faster as well as easier, explains the vendor.



Super Fisheye camera NDAA compliance

The 12MP IR Super Fisheye camera from IDIS is now NDAA compliant.

Its Smart UX Control are said to enable smooth and intuitive panning, tracking and zooming, so that operators can follow moving objects or suspects in real-time and dewarp any points of interest. On-board analytics include active tampering alert, trip-zone alert, and heat mapping tools, while the fisheye can also be utilised by IDIS Deep Learning Analytics for users to benefit from object, loitering, and intrusion detection, as well as metadata and appearance searching. It also has Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) capability.

Described as “fully cybersecure”, the camera is equipped with multi-layered encryptions and proprietary-protocols and gives users the assurance of continuous seamless recording with IDIS Smart Failover. “Meeting NDDA compliance and global regulations and standards is a concern for systems integrators and end users worldwide,” says James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe. “We are now shipping an extensive Korean-made range of powerful cameras and recorders that are NDDA compliant, inherently cybersecure and come with built-in failover.”


Abloy UK

SMARTair i-gate Electronic Padlock

Abloy UK has launched the SMARTair i-gate Electronic Padlock, which is said to boast increased resistance to attack and extreme weather, wire-free installation, and battery-powered operation.

This new device in the SMARTair range enables facility managers to add real-time control to non-electrified gates, cupboards, cabinets, crates and more, and is designed to help customers extend their wire-free control to new access points. Upgrading an existing padlocked closure involves swapping the devices and integrating the i-gate Padlock into an existing or new SMARTair wireless access control system, and no drilling or wiring is required. The i-gate Padlock is available in a contemporary black finish with stainless steel shackle.

An i-gate is compatible with any SMARTair system management option: Standalone, for basic access control functionality; Update on Card; Openow, for access management and unlocking via smartphone; and Pro Wireless Online, for real-time management of every door and system user.

Find out more about the SMARTair i-gate Electronic Padlock.


Axis Communications

PTZ camera with 20x optical zoom

Axis Communications has unveiled the Q6078-E PTZ Camera, offering UHD 4K resolution with 20x zoom.

This PTZ camera, described as “top-of-the-line”, comes with autotracking 2 with click and track functionality, as well as an orientation aid with dynamic overlays for active object tracking and quick orientation. It includes built-in cyber security features such as signed firmware and secure boot to guarantee that the firmware hasn’t been altered and ensure only authorised firmware is installed. Additionally, a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that’s FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified ensures secure storage of all cryptographic keys and certificates so that they remain safe even in the event of a security breach, explains Axis.

This outdoor camera also complies with IP66/67, NEMA 4X, and IK10 ratings, making it resistant to dust, rain, snow, and impacts. Plus, arctic temperature control ensures startup from a frozen state and operation in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 50 °C.



eFusion update

Designed to address increased demand for workplace and facilities flexibility, Maxxes has released version 7 for its eFusion access control software.

The new release features an enhanced web-based client, MX+, that is designed to be faster and more intuitive, with one-click features making a range of functions easier – everything from locking-down entire sites, specific zones, or doors in response to emergency events, to reviewing user authorisations and competencies and responding quickly to expiry notifications.

The new MX+ desktop client dashboard is designed to give operators an at-a-glance overview of alerts and critical events, enabling situational awareness from fixed workstations or on the move from smartphones and tablets.

Alarms and transaction reporting is now also said to be easier, giving users easy access to information concerning cardholders, access and access-denied activity, and events according to date, time and location, with the detail now available in a range of file formats. The service manager tool now automates auditing of eFusion configuration.

Find out more about eFusion.


Inner Range

Integriti update and CCTV integrations

Access control and security system designer and manufacturer Inner Range has released a new upgrade for its Enterprise-level system Integriti, which includes integrations with Suprema biometrics and Quuppa real time location tracking.

The new integration with Suprema allows users to add thumb and face scans as access credentials, which can be used in addition to smartcards and PIN for high security with trouble-free access. Meanwhile, the integration with Quuppa means tagged information from the Quuppa system can be associated with Integriti entities, allowing direct control of the asset from either system. The asset could be an object, or a user associated with it.

The location of tagged assets can be made visible on Integriti’s schematic of the site, alongside all other access and security devices. Operators can access all cameras with the asset in their field of view, if fields of view are configured. Alert protocols can be set up with bespoke criteria and operators can track and view the asset instantly if an alert is triggered. The update also means Integriti supports Two Factor Authentication (2FA), providing extra security when operators login.

Alongside these updates, the vendor has announced new integrations with FLIR Latitude and IDIS CCTV – said to bolster options for clients around video surveillance.


ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

CLIQ Web Manager reporting & analytics updates

Designed to make all system data easier to understand and to export to share with stakeholders, ASSA ABLOY has announced a new reporting and analytics tool for its CLIQ Web Manager platform.

The new CLIQ Web Manager Tool is said to streamline decision-making, informing it with data drawn from the security system. It also frees security managers from their desk, as the Tool’s data and functionality are available inside the Amazon QuickSight app for Apple and Android systems. Any authorised person within the organisation can access its insights, from anywhere. The update is presented in a clear, visual layout, explains ASSA ABLOY, so that managers can spot any concerns at a glance, while a bespoke dashboard offers a useful system overview to help identify lock and key usage, access denial reports, and whether staff or contractors have the appropriate access rights.

The Reporting and Analytics Tool is available as a subscription add-on to new or current users.

Find out more about the new reporting and analytics tool for CLIQ Web Manager.


Johnson Controls

Tyco Victor and VideoEdge video management platform updates

Johnson Controls has released the latest version of Tyco American Dynamics victor and VideoEdge video management systems, offering accelerated deployment, more powerful analytics, and optimised video management and control.

More robust support for powerful camera features, including enhanced object and person detection and H.265+ compression,  enable victor and VideoEdge users to leverage additional processing power from the cameras, resulting in deeper analytics with Illustra cameras. Cyber resiliency is also enhanced with encrypted video streaming from Illustra cameras directly into VideoEdge and Illustra Auto Configuration, which automatically configures Illustra camera security settings and adds the settings into the VideoEdge NVRs.

To support health and safety protocols, temperature readings from the Tyco Illustra Pro Thermal EST (elevated skin temperature) cameras can be stored and displayed within victor. If an elevated skin temperature is not detected, a face detection feature will ensure adherence with face covering policies, triggering a mask missing alarm if no mask is detected.

victor and VideoEdge 5.7 also offer the following features:

  • “Shake n Dry” – allows operators to literally shake off excess water or debris from PTZ cameras
  • Configurable sensitivity settings for Intelligent Search for people on a per camera basis
  • Support for new Illustra Pro Gen 4 cameras

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