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October 29, 2021


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Product news

Security products round-up – October 2021

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market in October. This month we cover the latest in biometric access control, video analytics solutions for object and vehicle identification purposes, new VMS integrations and more!

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Access terminal goes biometric

Access control manufacturer Suprema has added fingerprint authentication to its recently launched X-Station access control terminal.

X-Station 2 is described as a “next generation versatile intelligent terminal” that supports a variety of authentication methods from mobile access cards to RFID cards, QR codes and barcodes. The newest version comes equipped with a fingerprint recognition module that provides more options for customers. Other features include fraud prevention via authentication photos using a built-in camera, a 4-inch touchscreen and the storage and processing of up to 500,000 users.

“With COVID-19 increasing the demand for smartphone-based, non-face-to-face solutions, we received good reviews following the original launch of our X-Station 2 mobile access authentication terminal,” said Suprema CEO Hanchul Kim. “The newly launched X-Station 2 fingerprint model diversifies contactless authentication options to customers who use existing biometric information. They can now enjoy the same level of security performance, while offering users the convenience and peace of mind that mobile access brings.”


Vanderbilt International

Simplified authorisation for cloud credential management

A Bluetooth credential capability has been added to VCredential, the cloud-based credential management platform from Vanderbilt International.

Originally launched in September 2020, VCredential was developed in response to the growing trend of virtualisation, a shift in the market to contactless door access, and evolving security threats. The key feature of the new release is the simplification of the authorisation process that allows customers to use a Bluetooth credential, independently of the access control platform.

The process has been reduced to a two-step programme – admin sends out an email invitation to the user containing instructions on downloading the VI Mobile ID app alongside a 6-digit alphanumeric activation code. The end-user downloads the app and enters the activation code, and the credential is ready for use.

VCredential is a one-off license purchase as opposed to a subscription-based model. Thanks to additional integration functions, the creation and management of Bluetooth credentials can now be carried out directly by the administrator within ACTpro and SiPass integrated systems, for easier management and greater control. Meanwhile, the integration with ACTpro reduces the workload of the operator by automating the issuing of Bluetooth credentials to cardholders from within the ACTpro software. It also enables the customer to manage credential allocation through this single interface.


Hanwha Techwin

Vehicle identification beyond ANPR

Police, traffic authorities and road planners are now able to take advantage of AI technology to identify the make, model and colour of vehicles, as well as reading car number plates.

The Wisenet Road AI edge-based solution, which runs on selected Wisenet P series 4K cameras, uses AI video analytics to identify more than 600 vehicle models manufactured across 70 brands. It combines automatic number plate recognition with make, model and colour recognition technologies, to provide local authorities and law enforcement agencies with data which can be used to accurately identify vehicles involved in traffic infringements.

Hanwha Techwin says the ability to search for vehicles by make, model and colour is likely to be helpful to investigating teams when looking to find video of a vehicle involved in an incident. Similarly, with criminals frequently swapping number plates on vehicles in order to avoid ANPR identification, police can use the make, model and colour search criteria to cross-reference against reports of stolen vehicles.

A smart search feature is supported by Wisenet WAVE, Wisenet SSM and other video management systems from software developers such as Genetec and Milestone.



Enhanced number-plate detection

Integrated and intelligent security solutions provider 3xLOGIC has announced the introduction of an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) utility as part of its VIGIL suite of products. It is designed as a cost-effective solution for use in a wide range of applications, where post-event investigations require precise imaging to identify number plates.

With a 6-50mm varifocal lens and firmware dedicated to number plate imaging, the VX-5M20-B-RIAL camera features visible light filtering that, says the manufacturer, offers enhanced number plate capture accuracy, as well as motion detection and remote focus. Easy to install, its IK10-rated enclosure is vandal resistant and delivers protection from the elements.

The camera and ANPR utility can be seamlessly integrated into the VIGIL video management system. It enables users to quickly search and locate number plates of interest, export number plate data to a custom external destination for review, and collate information from several cameras across multiple servers.


Master Lock

Bluetooth padlock

The Bluetooth ProSeries extended shackle padlock features a 62mm wide zinc lock body with complete rubber bumper for durability and security when used outdoors. The 9mm diameter and 70mm high shackle is made of boron alloy, offering resistance to cutting and sawing. In addition, its weather cover provides enhanced weather resistance against snow, rain and temperature extremes.

The padlock incorporates the Master Lock Vault Enterprise iOS and Android apps and web interface, designed for business applications working with many locks and users. This means there are no keys to lose nor combinations to forget, and there is no risk of unauthorised key duplication. The padlock can either be opened with the Vault enterprise app or the 10-digit keypad for manual code entry. Access to users can be granted by selecting a specific time and date window, and access can be shared with others both temporarily and permanently.

The padlock comes with a CR123A battery that can last three years, and produces a low battery notification and reminder on the padlock and the app.


Axis Communications


Designed to create new opportunities for analytics applications based on deep learning at the edge, the ARTPEC-8 SoC (system-on-chip) from Axis Communications is custom designed for network video.

Features include superior imaging, enhanced security and powerful compression, according to the company. It says the fact that ARTPEC-8 was designed in-house gives it a level of control crucial to cybersecurity.

Some of the first cameras to include the chip are the soon-to-be-launched Q3536-LVE/38-LVE dome cameras and Q1656-LE box camera. In time, the new chip will be the basis for the vast majority of Axis network video products.

ARTPEC-8 supports analytics applications based on deep learning at the edge, where cameras have the processing power to analyse data within the camera itself. An example is highly granular real-time object detection and classification that makes it possible to develop analytics that can distinguish between different kinds of objects, such as types of vehicles. It also opens the door to other deep-learning-based analytics that deliver actionable insights for security, safety, and operational purposes. These other analytics applications will include tailor-made applications from Axis partners.



Integration with HikVision

TDSi has announced that its GARDiS access management software now supports full integration with HikVision’s face recognition terminals and ANPR cameras.

Providing options for Wiegand and Clock & Data protocol inputs, the software delivers integration with HikVision’s face recognition terminal and the wider security network. This includes integration with ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio and SimonsVoss SmartIntego wireless locks, along with a wide choice of intruder alarms and CCTV systems. GARDiS includes lift control, area occupancy, and ANPR.

“Integration with HikVision’s latest generation of intelligent cameras is part of TDSi’s ongoing mission to ensure our powerful integrated access control solutions work directly with the best third-party products on the market,” said John Davies, Managing Director of TDSi. “Our GARDiS software is perfectly placed to help end-users cope and deal with rapidly changing and evolving needs. Our ethos is that customers must be able to choose the right components for their security network to meet their specific needs and budget, with the whole solution overseen by our powerful, centralised but flexible GARDiS software.”



Integration with Feenics

Unified security-as-a-service solutions provider Arcules has announced its strategic integration with Feenics, a cloud-based access control provider, which, it says, delivers a seamless, automated connection that provides advanced levels of insight into security events.

The integration links Arcules’s cloud-based security platform with Keep by Feenics, to provide users with converged video and access control data and video verification of access events. Joint customers gain access to a unified monitoring experience and the ability to view live and recorded video and associated access control data. Stakeholders can also export recorded video clips and snapshots from the Keep interface.

“Developing fully automated integrations with other cloud-minded organisations is an example of our commitment to creating an excellent user experience for our customers,” said Nigel Waterton, CRO, Arcules. “Today there is more data available for analysis than ever before and many times, systems still operate in silos. Allowing joint users to fully and easily correlate data from access control and video surveillance gives them a superior security management solution, and lets them focus on the core aspects of their business.”


Hanwha Techwin

NVRs power AI capabilities

New Wisenet P series AI NVRs launched by Hanwha Techwin are able to apply AI metadata to images captured by most non-AI Wisenet cameras, allowing users to quickly and accurately search for people and vehicles.

The licence-free Deep Learning AI video analytics on the NDAA-compliant NVRs offer a wide range of search criteria, including people of a certain age group or gender, as well as whether they are wearing glasses or carrying a bag. Similarly, a search for vehicles can be narrowed down to those of a particular colour and whether they are a bicycle, bus, car, motorbike or truck.

Selected bullet, fixed, PTZ, 360° fisheye, multi-directional and thermal cameras from the Wisenet X, P, Q and T series are among the cameras supported by the new NVRs. Users can take advantage of UX 2.0, a brand-new user interface which offers zoom in/out and drag and drop support and a timeline preview feature, as well as enabling all event settings to be edited in a single window.


Johnson Controls

Tyco AI-enabled camera range

Johnson Controls has launched Tyco Illustra Pro Gen4 2MP, 4MP and 8MP edge-AI mini-domes, part of an increasing range of IP cameras that focus on delivering AI classifications, customisable rules and accurate event notification at the edge.

The new range allows users to respond to incidents faster as AI enhances the speed and accuracy of forensic searches. Events can be narrowed to classes such as a person, car, bus, motorcycle or bicycle, and settings can be adjusted with a variety of analytic rules that notify users when people or objects are detected – for example if someone crosses a perimeter or is lingering around a restricted area.

With an integrated recess mount, QR code, Illustra mobile app configuration and application profiles that automatically adjust the camera’s settings based on the chosen profile, Illustra Pro Gen4 cameras are designed to be easy to install and simple to use. Features such as smart wide dynamic range automatically scan the video scene and adjust contrasting and overall scene balance – without operator intervention or maintenance – and the new smart defog feature allows for accurate surveillance to continue, even in challenging weather conditions.

Day/night camera functionality and built-in IR Illumination ensure that clear, sharp images can be captured up to 50 metres away, regardless of the lighting conditions. The cameras also have end-to-end video encryption, from camera to VMS, and edge SD Card encryption, and are designed so they will not start if the software has been tampered with in any way.



Cloud video adapters

Cloud video surveillance company, Videoloft, has released two new cloud adapter models – the Cloud Adapter 16 and the Cloud Adapter 64 Rack – to make it easier to add secure offsite backup and simple remote viewing to larger CCTV installations.

As small as a deck of cards, the Cloud Adapter 16 has the same footprint as Videoloft’s original 8-channel model, but with double the capacity. The Cloud Adapter 64 Rack cloud-enables 64 cameras or recorder channels in a 19” rack mount. All Videoloft cloud adapters come with a five year warranty, free support and free delivery.

“Our customers regularly ask for a higher capacity cloud adapter, so we’re thrilled to announce these two new models [to] enable larger installations,” said Joanna Santander, Videoloft’s Director of Sales and Business Development.


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