ANPR cameras

Your complete guide to understanding ANPR camera solutions

A guide covering what automatic number plate recognition systems are, how they work, what they're used for and the latest market developments. Read More

Inner Range announces Integriti integration with Vega Smart HD/2HD

Inner Range’s Integriti access control and intruder detection system can now be integrated with ANPR developer Tattile’s flagship ANPR system. Read More

Genetec breaks into top five for share of global ANPR surveillance market

Genetec is now among the world’s top five players in the ANPR technology for surveillance applications space, according to a report by IHS Markit. Read More

The latest ANPR revenue streams for systems installers

How installers can grow sales by helping end-user clients capitalise on the benefits offered by ANPR, according to Jan Hazlbauer of analytics experts FF Group and Uri Guterman of video surveillance specialists Hanwha Techwin Europe. Read More

Motorola Solutions acquires Edesix parent company VaaS International Holdings

Motorola Solutions has acquired VaaS International Holdings, a provider of AI-driven image capture and analysis technology, in a deal worth $445m. Read More

Nedap launches licence plate recognition cameras ANPR Lumo and ANPR Access V2

“With the release of these new cameras we are taking the effectiveness of ANPR for vehicle access control to the next level," said Maarten Mijwaart, MD of Nedap Identification Systems. Read More

Genetec partners with AnyVision to offer more powerful, AI-driven video surveillance solutions

Genetec, the developer of IP video surveillance, access control and licence plate recognition solutions, has partnered with AI recognition specialist AnyVision. Read More

WATCH: ZKTeco discusses launch of facial recognition, biometrics on proximity card and ANPR solutions at IFSEC 2018

IFSEC TV spoke to MD of ZKTeco Ireland Kiran Wolbeck to find out more about the company and its suite of biometric solutions. Read More

Biometrics pioneer ZKTeco to launch three new solutions at IFSEC 2018

Biometrics brand ZKTeco is to launch a trio of new products at IFSEC 2018: A fingerprint-activated contactless smart card (BioOnCard), a high-speed facial identification cloud solution (HI-FACE) and a licence-plate recognition system (LPRS 1000). Read More

Hanwha Techwin launches Wisenet Group ANPR cameras for small-site management

Hanwha Techwin has launched the Wisenet Group ANPR cameras for use in traffic management applications. Harnessing Hanwha’s powerful proprietary chipset, […] Read More

Genetec launches AutoVu Flexreader for hardware-free ANPR capabilities

The new AutoVu Flexreader from Genetec provides supported IP video surveillance cameras with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) capabilities and can be added to an existing Genetec security system without the need to buy ANPR hardware. Read More

Data-driven surveillance and the privacy-security balance: ‘Question Time’ insights from Tony Porter, Lord Paddick and more

The “Orwellian” deployment of video surveillance systems in Abu Dhabi was among the topics discussed by a panel including Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter and Lord Brian Paddick on Wednesday. Read More

Hikvision’s ANPR solution can now be integrated with Paxton Net2

The announcement from Hikvision UK & Ireland will make for a more convenient user experience compared to environments where ANPR and access systems operate in silos. Read More

“The ‘security of security’ is our top priority in the IoT era”

Cybersecurity is a pressing priority for Genetec, just announced as sponsor of the Borders & Infrastructure Expo at IFSEC 2017. We spoke to their sales engineering manager, EMEA and APAC, Simon Cook, about their efforts to stiffen cyber resilience not just in their own systems, but connected third-party devices too. Read More

Nedap Q&A: RFID Readers, ANPR Cameras, MACE Mobile Access and Our Message to Potential Partners

Maarten Mijwaart, GM at Nedap, gives us the lowdown on the company's product suite, position in the market, target verticals and how the company works with installers and integrators. Read More

ANPR Technology is Stuck in the 1980s – it’s Time We Saw More Innovation

Automated number plate recognition (ANPR) systems are long overdue a big leap forward, argues 4Sight Imaging's business development director. Read More

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