Security Drones

Genetec announced as sponsor for Borders & Infrastructure Expo

IFSEC International, Europe’s largest security trade show, has announced the launch of a new show dedicated to border security, counter-terror and the protection of critical national infrastructure. Read More

Businesses deploying drones must use certified operators, advises UAV training academy

The move is in response to growing number of reported drone-related incidents and accidents, such as the British Airways passenger jet that was hit by what was thought to be a UAV as it flew into Heathrow to land, in 2016. Read More

Drone deployment in the utilities sector: a Thames Water case study

Thames Water has deployed drones to save workers from undertaking dangerous jobs and potentially save thousands of pounds in scaffolding and other costs. Read More

AI, stun guns and protocol hacks: 5 security drone innovations

From the drone that chases thieves to the stun-gun-armed UAV, here’s a roundup of some of the biggest security drone innovations in this burgeoning, bewildering market. Read More

5 security questions arising from Trump’s travel ban, border wall and cybersecurity probe

Photo: Michael Vadon via FlickR under Creative Commons 2.0 generic licence President Trump’s uncharacteristically conciliatory speech upon winning the presidency in […] Read More

Why tethered drones are a boon for surveillance of crowded public events

Outlining the regulatory regime that governs the use of drones in the US, this article also explores the benefits of tethered over wireless drones during sports events, parades, festivals and other crowded public events. Read More

CES 2017: The top 5 trends in security tech

IoT developers will literally put a computer chip in anything but the camera still reigns supreme for media coverage when it comes to security products. Read More

CES 2017 blog: security and fire-safety innovations for the smart home

We continue to flag the latest security and fire safety products, as well as the cyber vulnerabilities of myriad other devices, on day three of the world's biggest consumer electronics show. Read More

The 5 most innovative security products launched at CES 2017

Featuring Kuri the robot nanny and a curiously shaped IoT security device from Norton, here are five of the most interesting security innovations unveiled at this year's edition of CES. Read More

Batteries not included: Could reconnaissance drones for the home be on the horizon?

We’ve witnessed the rise of drones as both commercial tools and toys for use down the park. However, their mooted deployment as reconnaissance vehicles within the home could take the concept in a whole new direction. Read More