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September 2, 2015


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Indian Army to erect High-tech Fence on LoC on Kashmir Border

Umar Jamshaid

Umar Jamshaid under CC BY-SA 3.0

The Indian Army will erect a new fence Line of Control in Kashmir to withstand the challenge posed by heavy snowfall.

Every year due as much as 350km of the 400km fence sustains damage during winter and repaired subsequently during the summer. The damage makes it easier for terrorists to infiltrate from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

The necessary funds to complete the project have also been allotted with the work due to start at the end of this year and scheduled for completion by the Army within next three years.  As part of the new fence design night-vision cameras, alarms and visual maps will be integrated with the fence, said some top sources in the Northern Command on condition of anonymity.

The new fence in Kashmir is also going to feature LEDs at several strategic points in the fence once the Army assesses the feasibility.

The move, however, is not expected to limit infiltration incidents completely, some senior Army officers believe.

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