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October 24, 2022


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Security and media industry elevate collaborative efforts at first IPSA-NUJ roundtable

Following the launch of new guidance for improved media and security relations on the frontline, the International Professional Security Association (IPSA) held its first roundtable in collaboration with the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in October.

IPSA-NUJRoundtable-October-22Key stakeholders, including IFSEC Global, were invited from the media and security industries to the roundtable hosted at the British Library. Led by IPSA and the NUJ following new guidance published in March for journalists and security officers, an open discussion was held to help both sectors further understand each other’s challenges on the frontline.

Both highlighted that frontline circumstances like crime scenes, health incidents, public and political events can lead to stressful incidents, with the two often coming into direct conflict as both seek to carry out their roles. The roundtable was organised to enable an ongoing dialogue between the sectors so that both can build a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship.

With suppliers, clients, industry regulators, private service providers and frontline workers from the media and security industries in attendance, the discussion saw insightful contributions from all parties. Concerns, challenges and experiences were shared and discussed, with suggestions for improving on the current situation coming from both sides.

One of the points highlighted was the need for adequate project briefings for private security officers (PSOs), as unclear assignment instructions often lead to improper handling of inflammatory situations. Simultaneously, it was pointed out that the journalists needed to be made aware of the restrictions under which PSOs work and the limitations on the access that they can provide.

A shared understanding integral to improved relations

Reflecting on the discussions, Richard Jenkins, Chief Executive at the National Security Inspectorate, commented: “I was very impressed with the candour and respect shown by interested parties representing the media and front-line security during the IPSA roundtable. Both professions are an essential part of our democracy. Developing opportunities and frameworks for better ways of working can only result in positive outcomes for these professions and the public they serve.

“It was very clear the parties are seeking shared understanding to serve those on the front-line, in sometimes stressful circumstances, who deserve to be equipped to anticipate and manage challenging environments where public safety and property are to be protected, and public interest well served. IPSA has done a great job in getting the conversation started.”

Natasha Hirst, Vice President at the NUJ, said: “It was extremely useful to have a conversation with a wide range of representatives across the security industry to build on the work done by IPSA and the NUJ so far. We’ve learned much more about the challenges faced by frontline security officers and had the opportunity to discuss the difficulties that arise for our members in the course of their work.

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration to provide further training and resources for journalists, photographers and security officers.”

Una Riley, Chief Executive at IPSA, and organiser of the IPSA-NUJ Forum, added: “It was great to see the involvement from everyone in the room, especially the front-line. This initiative is just a starting point, aimed at bringing both the sectors to work together and foster a good relationship between media and security professionals. Everyone involved in the engagement between the two sectors, holds responsibility towards improving the relationship and making the association stronger.

“This collaboration with the NUJ has been a major milestone for both the industries, and I hope it encourages real efforts from all parties in building a positive and healthy working environment for journalists and security officers.”


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