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November 4, 2022


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Security products round-up – October 2022

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and software updates to hit the security market throughout October 2022. This month we cover a power supply calculator, door launches, 2-way audio cameras, and AI video management systems.

Keep up to date with all the product releases and software updates in the security industry here:

Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:

Eagle Eye Networks

2-Way Audio for cameras and devices

EagleEye-TwoWayAudio-22Eagle Eye Networks has launched 2-Way Audio, a bidirectional audio capability that provides remote communication via the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (Video Management System) for communication to deliver active monitoring and response.
The 2-Way Audio feature uses a standard IP speaker or horn connected to an Eagle Eye Bridge or CMVR to enable security professionals to communicate warnings to intruders, deter security threats or manage crowds. Businesses can also use 2-Way Audio to communicate in real time with staff, customers and visitors.

2-Way Audio includes:

  • Mobile access: Use the Eagle Eye Viewer app on iOS or Android mobile device to communicate
  • Quick setup: Easily connect an approved IP speaker or horn to Bridge or CMVR
  • Communications Network: Link multiple cameras to an IP speaker or horn to create a communication network
  • Alerts: Receive trespassing or loitering alerts using video analytics and communicate directly with suspicious individuals to deter any threat
  • Real time communication: High quality audio with low latency
  • Secure communication: Eagle Eye 2-Way Audio provides an audit log of audio sessions, associated users and timestamps, as well as changes and updates to speaker



Two international standard certifications reacquired

Suprema has simultaneously renewed two international standard certifications regarding information security management (ISO/IEC 27001) and privacy information management (ISO/IEC 27701).
Through a process of annual follow-up evaluations, Suprema has ‘maintained’ data protection capabilities that meet ‘high global standards’. The company is now ‘recertified’ in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701, according to its renewal cycles, after first acquiring the certifications in 2019.
ISO/IEC 27001 can be certified ‘only’ when all requirements are satisfied according to 114 controls in 14 categories including information security policies, supplier relationships, and operations security. ISO/IEC 27701 specifies requirements and provides guidance for protecting private information, such as conditions for data collection and processing, encryption, and de-identification of personally identifiable information at a level that complies with GDPR of the European Union.
The company has enhanced its security policy at an ‘enterprise-wide’ level, applying GDPR compliance to the company’s BioStar 2 software, access control hardware devices, website, and internal security regulations.


Ajax Systems

Launches Fibra Calculator

Ajax Systems has launched the Fibra power supply calculator. It is designed to help the installers of Ajax’s wired products check wired security systems before installation.
The Fibra power calculator provides security specialists with information about the power consumption of devices and checks whether the wired system project will work in practice. Once the calculations are finished, installers can download results as a PDF file.
As soon as the program detects problem areas in the project, it ‘highlights them and offers different solutions’. In addition, installers can adjust object configuration to fix power issues: replace the cable, turn off or remove devices, change distances — everything is monitored in real time.



Web-based system added to Command Centre software

The latest version of Gallagher’s site management software, Command Centre v8.80, now comes with a new web-based system, Command Centre Web. This new addition is also compatible with Command Centre Mobile, an app-based mobile solution.
‘No web servers or extra infrastructure’ is needed set up the web-based system, only checking on the Cloud FT that the software has been ‘enabled’.
The first component introduced in the web-based system focuses on cardholder management, and is designed to allow administrators to view cardholder history, view the activity of a cardholder, manage cards and credentials (excluding printing/encoding cards), manage cardholder access/assign access, and general personal data field (PDF) management.
‘No sensitive data’ is held in the Command Centre Web, or associated cloud services. Data remains hosted on the customers’ own Command Centre server, and by Command Centre Web through REST API via the API Gateway, which has ‘no persistent storage’. Any updates made in Command Centre Web is designed to be sent to the Command Centre server via the same channel.


Axis Communications

New capabilities for Axis devices in Milestone XProtect

Axis Communications announces a new version of AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect offering ‘improved support’ for audio, device management, as well as centralised license plate list management.
The 4.5 version includes improvements to its existing speaker manager integration, which currently includes push-to-talk and zone management for edge announcements through cameras and speakers. This new version is designed to make it possible for administrator roles to set up AXIS Audio Manager Edge directly in Milestone to enable audio capabilities in the system, for instance, to schedule announcements, play background music, and more.
Available for pilot users, the AXIS Device Manager Extend integration enables remote management of all connected Axis devices in Milestone XProtect. ‘All devices’ listed in Milestone can be exported to the Device Manager Extend. Featuring a single, central dashboard tool allows operators to perform crucial device maintenance tasks ‘at scale’, such as upgrading firmware on Axis devices. Plus, this latest version of AXIS Optimizer  is designed to allow operator roles to create and manage ‘allow and block’ lists for AXIS License Plate Verifier analytic ‘directly in the Smart Client.
Available ‘for free’ as a one-time installer, this version is a suite of integrations for Axis devices in Milestone.



Vision AI software update – video analytics enhancements

Oosto has released the latest version of its Vision AI software platform, which includes video analytics enhancements for video surveillance hardware and access control systems. The version release is accompanied by the company’s introduction of its proprietary edge device, the new OnPoint touchless reader tablet. This output is said to allow security teams to further reduce organisational risks associated with outdated physical security systems, better manage controlled access, and identify safety threats.
With Oosto’s latest edge enhancement, the Vision AI platform offers a solution that de-risks video analytics at the edge while maintaining high performance and accuracy, according to the vendor. The company’s neural networks have been optimised to support low-power edge devices.
A few additional enhancements offered in Oosto’s version 2.6 release include:

  • OnPoint Reader: The new Oosto OnPoint reader is an edge device that can function autonomously and can grant/deny access to employees and visitors even during a network failure, leveraging facial biometrics and edge computing.
  • Near-Edge Processing: Oosto is launching an updated near-edge device (e.g., NVIDIA Jetson) that operates on a much smaller physical footprint and is equipped with Oosto’s neural network models for video analytics
  • Smart Camera Integration: Oosto is embedding its neural networks (SDK) into the latest AI-enabled CCTV cameras
  • Genetec VMS Integration: Oosto’s latest release also provides Genetec VMS customers with a single pane of glass to view real-time alerts of security threats



Powershield Rathlin door launched

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Door Group has launched the new Powershield Rathlin door, which is ‘LPS 2081 certified’ and designed to prevent unauthorised access by various physical security products when targeted by intruders using stealth.
The new standard LPS 2081, created by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) with the BRE and Secured by Design, specifies two grades of security relating to the tools used and the time taken by attackers where they want to avoid making any significant noise. This standard is separate to LPS 1175, which also relates to vandalism and security, but has different requirements to the noise element.
With LPS 2081, the security performance is split into two categories – A or B – based on the tools used and the duration of the attack. The new Powershield Rathlin is LPS 2081 Security B rated, which is the ‘more advanced’ rating, prolonging the attack for up to 3 minutes, and with an enhanced set of tools.
The door comprises of morticed mechanical escape lock with automatic deadlocking, panic pad, key with AASD Guard, louvre vents, pull handle, surface mounted pull handle, vison panels, and active leaf.


New version of i-PRO Active Guard

i-PRO has announced the latest version of its Active Guard plug-in. The AI-based plug-in is designed to turn video management systems (VMS) into ‘powerful search engines’ capable of real-time searches or deep forensic analysis.
The plug-in integrates into the existing UI of the VMS, appearing as a function tab. It is designed to allow users to manage the AI analytics from multiple i-PRO cameras and for users to set up search parameters based on the industry’s largest number of search attributes which include gender, age, clothing colour, facial characteristics, vehicle colour and direction, and many more.
Operators can register specific characteristics in their watch lists (for instance “male wearing a red shirt and blue pants”) and the VMS is said to send them a real-time alarm whenever a match is identified. This ‘enhances’ real-time situational awareness and enables proactive security. The same process can be set up for fast data mining of events during forensic investigations.
The metadata is then captured and analysed by i-PRO AI network cameras at the edge, which use the Ambarella SoC, reducing bandwidth and ‘eliminating’ the need for expensive servers.



Video computing platform is now ONVIF S, G, T, M compliant

Videonetics announces that its Unified Video Computing Platform (UVCP) is now ONVIF S, G, T, M Compliant.
Powered by AI and DL framework, Videonetics UVCP encompasses Intelligent VMS, Video Analytics, Intelligent Traffic Management System, Facial Recognition, and Video Computing Platform as a Service (VCPaaS).
Profile S is designed to allow the common functionalities shared by ONVIF conformant video management systems and devices such as IP cameras or encoders that sends, configures, requests or controls the streaming of media data over an IP network. The profile includes specific features such as pan, tilt, zoom control, audio streaming and relay outputs.
Profile G specifications allow software and hardware products from different vendors to be compatible with one another, when it comes to the recording, search and replay of video on board a network video product.
Profile T supports video streaming features such as the use of H.265 over and above H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG encoding formats, imaging settings, and alarm events such as motion and tampering detection. These encoding formats are designed to ensure high compression efficiency which results in less disk storage space and less bandwidth usage for streaming, reducing overall costs of system ownership.
Conformance to Profile M ‘enables’ integration of metadata and events with ONVIF Profile M conformant clients like video management software and services. It has interfaces for generic object classification, and specified metadata for geolocation, vehicle, license plate, human face and human body.



Updated door entry systems

Videx has enhanced two of its leading door entry and access control systems, adding a new remote relay module to its 4G GSM offering and the VX2300 door entry video intercom.
The new remote relays have been designed to create more ‘robust and secure’ entry system enabling all door and gate controls to be isolated away from the entrance panel in a ‘secure location’. The relays can also be used for extra services such as triggering additional door or gates, activating security lighting or other functions requiring a relay for triggering purposes.
The Art.2813 relay module is now available for the Videx GSM range of systems and the Art.2313 is available for the VX2300 2 wire video system. These new relays are said to  ‘complement’ the remote relays already available for the VX2200 system (Art.2213) and the IPURE IP range (Art.2505).
The Art.2813 for the GSM range of intercom systems comes in a wall mountable small ABS plastic enclosure, powered from 12Vdc and includes a 3A dry contact change over relay output and two additional auxiliary outputs to control up to three outputs per module. All three outputs can be individually programmed to operate from ‘1 to 63 seconds’ or in latch/toggle format. Additionally, there is a push to exit input included for the main relay.
The Art.2313 for the VX2300 two wire video systems and kits comes in a DIN mount box which can also be wall mounted and is powered from the bus. It includes two 5A dry contact change over relays which can be individually controlled. The relay operating times can be programmed from ‘2-32 seconds’ and the module can be addressed from ‘1-15’ relating to the door ID the relay is mirroring.


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