David Casey

Journalist, Routes Online

June 19, 2018

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Vulnerable workers: A Barbour guide

How Artificial Intelligence can help security at the World Cup in Russia

Russia has promised ‘unprecedented’ security during the FIFA World Cup, which is taking place across 12 cities over the next month.

The ongoing threat of a terrorist attack, coupled with fears of a repeat of the hooliganism witnessed during the European Championships in France two years ago, means security has to be top of the agenda.

But the scale of the task facing the security forces cannot be understated. Public and private sector organisations must deal with such escalating threats, as well as the risk of oversight and false alarms, data overload, and the demand for a faster response.

Speaking at the IFSEC Converged Security Centre, professionals from Vidsys and Micro Focus explained how their jointly developed solution – the Intelligent GSOC – can help to accelerate effective decisions and actions, enabling law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to simplify situation management and improve situational awareness at large events, like the World Cup.

The Intelligent GSCO combines Micro Focus’ AI (artificial intelligence) powered analytics platform, IDOL, with Vidsys’ CSIM platform and offers real-time processing of a diverse range of data, from video and audio, to CCTV corporate databases and social media.

It also has automated analysis to identify issues or potential threats; streamlined workflow for alerts and responses; and open standards connectivity to third party systems.

Phil Stockham, VP of operations, EMEA at Vidsys, at Christopher Blanks, presales engineer at Micro Focus, provided a practical demonstration for IFSEC 2018 delegates on how the platform could potentially be used by security forces in Russia.

“Major events have the eyes of the world on them so demand a fast response and full stakeholder coordination,” said Stockham.

“It’s therefore vitally important to bring together traditional physical security with Big Data analytics.”

Blanks added: “It’s always a battle between criminals and the police but we have a flexible system that can be evolved.”

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