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January 14, 2015

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City of London Police to Deploy Xtralis Command and Control Technology

The City of London Police are exploring the possibility of deploying command and control technology to boost real-time management of incidents as they unfold.

Using technology provided by Xtralis they could receive live transmissions of video and audio feeds from police vehicle and body-worn cameras to help with tactical decisions.

It could herald the decline of the police radio, through which they conventionally relay ‘situational intelligence’ back to the station. Operators at City of London Police HQ could soon be able to view live video and audio to gain fully situtional awareness and deploy appropriate assistance.

Technology like Xtralis’ ADPRO M3000 integrates otherwise disparate fire protection, video surveillance and access control functions.

“Xtralis approached the City of London Police to understand how we operate and how they could help our mission,” says Adrian Leppard, commissioner, City of London Police.

“Xtralis was quick to demonstrate a promising solution that could provide us live video and audio feeds from vehicles and officer-worn vests direct to our central monitoring stations.

“Having more eyes on developing situations allows for better decisions and quicker and more efficient response, so we’re happy to explore and work with Xtralis to perfect these solutions for the City of London”.

“We’re honoured that the City of London is working with Xtralis to partner on exploring the advanced technology solutions for live monitoring of police response and protection,” says Samir Samhouri, CEO and chairman of Xtralis.

“The Dubai Police and Spanish National Police have already adopted our live streaming video technology, and we are proud of that. But, London is a city of global significance. We have a real opportunity here to partner with the best to deliver the best in safety & security.”

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