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February 20, 2020


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“IFSEC is still the major event for the security industry”

IFSEC Global speaks to Came BPT and Webeye, to better understand why they are returning to IFSEC 2020, and why security professionals should attend the show.


First up, we speak to Gareth Harris, Marketing Manager at Came BPT…

Hi Gareth, so you’re back at IFSEC this year. What do you enjoy about exhibitions? Is it the opportunity to meet people face to face? To network with the industry? To find out what new developments there are?
All of the above. Obviously we invite our own customers to join us at the event, but it is also a great opportunity to network with new customers and show them our product range. Further to that it is always an interesting place to understand what others in the industry are up to and understand market trends.

And why would you encourage your customers to come to the show?
This is the first time we have exhibited at IFSEC since 2016. Obviously during that period we have had a whole host of products added to our range, so it will be good to showcase those products, but also to look forward to products that will be available in the coming months.

What’s new for Came BPT in 2020? What can visitors expect to see at your stand at IFSEC?
We’ve got some exciting new products that we will be on the stand for the first time during the show. As well as these, we’ve added a new company within the Came Group – Came OZAK. That will be an important message at the show to explore this new avenue for us as a business and how we can reach a new market with this range of products which includes speed gates, turnstiles, high security turnstiles and road blockers.

Why IFSEC? What is it about the show that brings you back?
As mentioned we haven’t exhibited for a number of years, so it is always good to let the industry know about our news, and IFSEC is obviously a big event both in the UK, and globally, to do that.

And next up, it’s Trevor Lee, Marketing & Brand Manager at Webeye….

Hi Trevor, so what is it that you enjoy about industry exhibitions?
We enjoy the opportunity to meet visitors and contemporaries face to face. Talking to our customers and visitors helps us gauge what they’re really looking for and what they expect from us. The show environment seems to lend itself to some candid, yet constructive conversations that we can learn from when developing new products and services. As developers we beaver away thinking of ideas to improve the security industry, but these shows can be a good sounding post and help us focus our ideas.

Why would you encourage professionals to visit exhibitions, such as IFSEC?
They can be a good central location where we can showcase new developments within Webeye. Sometimes our customers feed off each other to their mutual benefit. Conversations about our products and services can be a great advert for us, and at the very least generate interesting debate.

And what is Webeye set to show off at this year’s show in May?
Webeye is moving at a pace. We’ve seen a phenomenal increase in connections to the webeyeCMS platform in 2019 and we’ve taken on more staff in order to meet even bigger growth in 2020.

We’re busy working on major integrations and nearer the show we’ll be able to tell you of more leading hardware brands that work with the platform, which should open the benefits of Webeye to an even wider audience. The Hikvision PTZ is now fully integrated with webeyeCMS, for instance, and there are improvements in the functionality of the platform.

Why IFSEC? What is it about the show that brings you back?
IFSEC is still the major event for the security industry. Webeye has grown substantially since we last exhibited and we see IFSEC as a crucial event to showcase our new developments and talk with global players.

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