Ankush Kumar

IFSEC Global India Correspondent, IFSEC Global

March 19, 2015

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PM Urges IT Industry to Be More Innovative Over Security Solutions

Narendra Modi FinalPrime Minister Narendra Modi has implored the Indian IT Industry to be more innovative in combating cyber security threats.

With the rising cyber security issues across the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the Indian IT industry to innovate solutions to counter the global menace as well as work on path breaking ideas like ‘cloud godowns’ and ‘cloud lockers’ to help keep data secure.

Banks and other important organisations can hire or use ‘Cloud Godowns’ and ‘Cloud Lockers’ for safely keeping their data without fearing of it being compromised.

“The whole world is concerned. Since I have become the Prime Minister, I have met around 50 world and political leaders and out of that, almost 25-30 have said cyber security is a concern. Can Indian youth work on solutions for cyber security?” Modi said at a Nasscom event.

The Prime Minister also said that ideas from the public will be invited for developing a mobile app for his office (PMO) to make it mobile friendly for citizens.

Stating that cyber security will be a “very big market”, Modi suggested that Nasscom should form a task force to see how this opportunity can be leveraged as Indian IT professionals can do a lot for cyber-safety of digital assets across the world.

“I look forward to path breaking ideas from young talent across the country to build innovative technology solutions,” he added.

The PM talked about the need of providing optimum security so that people can use their mobile phones without getting worried about privacy and data breaches.

Referring to the Gold Bond scheme announced in the recently announced Budget that gives people an option to own precious metal without physically buying it, PM said that the instruments can be kept safely in ‘Cloud Lockers’.

The Prime Minister also stressed on the role of IT industry in creating innovative mobile applications to deliver citizen centric services and mobile governance.

He was speaking at a special event to mark the completion of Nasscom’s 25th year.

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