Bhavesh Kumar

Senior Correspondent, IFSEC Global

February 24, 2016

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Working with the insider threat

STI Launches Euro Stopper Protective Cover to Tackle Misuse of Access Control Call Points

Safety Technology International (STI) has released protective access control call point covers which prevent malicious or accidental misuse and resulting disruption.

When people exit an emergency exit door call points for emergency access control are often mistakenly used. The ‘push to exit’ button is often installed adjacent to the call point as per the established standards.

Another possible vulnerability that misuse of access control call points can lead to is unauthorised entry or exit. Call points are often seen as an easy target for people looking to gain access to a building and steal equipment.

STI launches Euro Stopper Protective Call Point Covers to Minimise Misuse

The Euro Stopper will prevent misuse of access control call points

To prevent such misuse the STI Euro Stopper features a transparent and sturdy polycarbonate cover, which can be retrofitted with existing call point covers within a matter of minutes. The option of installing the call point covers with a locally-fitted alarm to deter unauthorised activation is also available.

The STI Euro Stopper range also includes call point covers that can withstand extreme weather conditions and are rated for Ingress Protection from IP24 to IP56.

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