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January 26, 2015

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Wireless Access Control Report 2021

Vivotek Launches Four 5-MP Network Cameras

VIVOTEK 5 - MP CameraProduct in a nutshell: Out of these four new 5 – Megapixel network cameras, IB8381and IB8381-E is the outdoor bullet network cameras, whereas, FD8381-EV is the outdoor dome network camera and FD8181 is the only indoor dome network camera.


  • The cameras are equipped with image processing technology and promises improved image quality
  • They are laced with features such as 3D Noise Reduction, Smart IR and Smart Stream technology
  • All cameras can suppress sensor noise, prevent overexposure thereby providing clear image and reduced bandwidth
  • Can enhance image detail in extremely bright as well as dark environments
  • The FD8381-EV is designed with IP66-rated and IK10 housing technology which enables cameras to withstands rain and dust and is protected against vandalism or tampering
  • The IB8381-E and FD8381-EV cameras can withstand extreme temperature range of – 50 to 50°C with just 802.3 at PoE power

Verticals/sectors: The four new 5-Megapixel network cameras IB8381, IB8381-E, FD8381-EV and FD8181 are designed for city surveillance, campus, train station, parking lots, critical infrastructure and nature monitoring.

Anything Else?

In the near future, new features such as video rotation for corridor view and electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology will be introduced to these cameras.

Video rotation for corridor view can provide wider vertical coverage for more depth while EIS technology enables cameras to mitigate the effect of camera vibration due to strong wind.

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