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Adam Bannister is editor of IFSEC Global. A former managing editor at Dynamis Online Media Group, he has been at the helm of the UK's leading fire and security publication since 2014.
April 2, 2015

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Xtralis Launches the ADPRO iFT Series: a Replacement for Human Guards?

Product in a nutshell: The ADPRO iFT NVR Plus Series is a family of IP-only, remotely managed multi-service gateways (RMG) that delivers remote monitoring, management, recording, analytics, and unbreakable transmission for security, safety, business intelligence and business management capabilities.

Xtralis makes two bold claims in relation to this product: one, that it has the potential to replace human guards in some situations, two, that it could signal the obsolescence of NVRs and other discrete security-only solutions. It’s billed as the “Industry’s First ‘NVR Plus’ Platform”.


  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) per channel on the market, Xtralis claims
  • ADPRO iFT accomodates up to 16 IP cameras, ADPRO iFT-E up to 32 IP cameras, streaming at 5Mbps for HD quality
  • iFT Series RMGs can simultaneously run all Xtralis’ award-winning video content analytics, with up to 32 running on iFT-E – ‘32|32 Vision’
  • Combining video streams with world-class analytics and remote response options, the new platform can improve or even replace human guards, according to Xtralis
  • Powered by ADPRO XOa 3 SecurityPlus Remotely Programmable Operating System
  • Remotely programmable “pay -as-you-go” approach deployed using Xtralis Xchange, an online licensing portal
  • Analytics, including IntrusionTrace, LoiterTrace, SmokeTrace and Client Trace can be downloaded and enabled remotely
  • iFT Series RMGs offer up to 136 inputs and 132 outputs for facility-wide detection, building management and immediate response services, like controlling lighting and HVAC access

robot guardsManufacturer says: “The iFT Series join the ADPRO FastTrace 2E and Heitel to comprise the most flexible portfolio for multi-service protection, with both hybrid (analogue & IP) and all-IP solutions,” says Xtralis in its press release.

“With Xtralis’ unique 2-way audio monitoring and talk-down allow for proactive threat prevention it warns threats off before the damage is done.

“When combined with the ADPRO iTrace mobile app, these monitoring, command and control capabilities provide businesses total control over their facility, from anywhere.

“Like the FastTrace 2E, the iFT Series grows with the user as needs change. Expandable and flexible with remote programmability, users will continually benefit from their initial investment, adapting the iFT as needs and conditions change.

“With all this power and flexibility why would anyone ever buy another NVR, when they could have the solution that keeps on giving?”

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