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November 5, 2021


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CAME UK launches ‘Always Connected’ – offering free connectivity through cloud technology

CAME UK is offering users free connectivity through cloud technology. The launch of ‘Always Connected’ means CAME Connect is now free with all connectable automation kits sold in the UK. 

The Always Connected campaign is available for all installers across the UK and Ireland who purchase CAME’s connectable automation kits.

President of CAME S.p.A., Andrea Menuzzo, comments: “2021 is the right time for CAME to pass to the second phase of our connectivity strategy where we are very excited to be able to offer customers in the UK & Ireland free connectivity with all our connectable range of automation kits – an offer that will continue at least until the end of 2022.

“CAME Connect has been available since 2017, via Wi-Fi and GSM, but for the first time CAME are providing a complimentary package to ensure every installation is optimised. Always Connected kits include an RGSM Module, 1NCE activated SIM Card and RSE Card. The RGSM module is a versatile connectivity gateway to the cloud that operates effectively in both rural and urban settings, making it the ideal choice for automation installations. A huge benefit of this campaign is the free 1NCE SIM pre-synced with 480mb, which ensures connectivity is enabled as soon as the installation is complete. As a result, there are no delays between installation and connectivity, allowing CAME technicians to deliver a smooth installation and ensure end-user satisfaction.”

The RSE card can be used to establish system expansion for further integration with other automated components. Once these components are configured, installers and end users will be exposed to the world of cloud connectivity- delivering flexibility and control.

Managing Director of CAME UK & Ireland, James Bostock, states: “CAME Connect enables installers to remotely monitor all of their connected automated systems from any location in the world, increasing working flexibility and improving customer satisfaction. Moreover, diagnostic tests can be performed remotely, subsequently permitting faster system alterations as well as considerable operational cost savings.”

Benefits for Installers:

  • Time Saving – reduce the number of call outs as systems can be rectified remotely
  • Configuration – 95% of system configuration completed through CAME Set Up App
  • Live Alerts – if the system goes off-line, the installer is notified, and repairs can be made remotely
  • Diagnostics – Remote diagnostics functionality
  • Device Management – Remote management of transmitters and keypad codes.

Lee Palmer from Essex Gates Systems, concludes: “Always Connected will change the way our business operates, enabling us to provide a further enhanced level of service for our customers. We can monitor all our installations remotely – which for a business of our size is a real winner. CAME Connect as a product has enabled us as a business to become more efficient in our working practices. The problem we had previously was always deciding who was going to cover the costs of the SIM card, but that isn’t a problem anymore.

“We’re all excited about the prospect of Always Connected.”

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