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November 9, 2021


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Smarter Physical Security: ‘The Perimeter’

In a webinar hosted by Axis Communications, several key personnel join forces to discuss steps towards smarter physical security – the perimeter. IFSEC Global rounds-up the key takeaways from the discussion.

Regional Manager, Markus Lai, Axis Key Accounts Managers, Bjorn Callenfors, Shirley Phillips-Knight, and Ian Littell, alongside Axis Retail Lead, Graham Swallow and Sales Engineer Timo Vaskin all took part in the discussion.

Bjorn begins the discussion by defining what exactly is meant by the term ‘perimeter’ regarding physical security.

“A perimeter in this sense is not only used to keep people out, but it also allows the right people in.”

Bjorn argues that, though manual processes are still being used to ensure this, they are inefficient, time consuming, and pose a significant risk of letting the wrong people in.

To ensure both accuracy and efficiency, network-based technologies are a much better, safer option.

So, what exactly is operational efficiency?

Graham describes the practice as using the best resources to get the job done in the most cost-effective way possible. For example, utilising video analytics to alert only when there is a tangible threat deters break ins and reduces the need for physical staff, ultimately making it a cost-effective use of resources.

Shirley goes on to discuss the benefits to businesses of upgrading their perimeter technology by referencing a customer case study. A client of hers was struggling to maintain a good level of security at night as their standard cameras struggled to perform well in darkness. Shirley facilitated the upgrade of their current systems to thermal cameras which provided much better-quality night-vision. This, in turn, ended up being an extremely cost-effective move as the client no longer needed to employ 24/7 guards to cater for the lack of night-time security.

By utilising new technologies, we can make use of existing power resources, interacting with existing systems and then migrate those systems as budget allows, argued the panel. The aim for customers is to reduce the number of false alarms, and Graham argues that using smarter solutions is the best way to go about achieving this.

As Bjorn points out at the beginning of the webinar, a perimeter keeps people out while also ensuring the right people are allowed in. A lot of industries are still relying on people to deliver that aim in a consistent way.

However, merging technologies like license plate recognition software and electric gates, ensures the experience is fast and controlled with no need for human interference. Ian goes on to highlight that these solutions can be made as complex as necessary – for example, combining facial recognition and a QR code to ensure that a person is wearing the right PPE before being allowed to enter a building.

He also discussed how AI enhanced cameras are being used in conjunction with RADDAR to trigger reactive solutions, thus, if a person is detected on a road, a barrier will then close to stop any cars from going down that road.

The webinar concludes with a conversation with Axis Sales Engineer, Timo Vaskin, who talks viewers through Axis’ latest range of thermal cameras, and what the new Axis Perimeter Defender 3.0 can offer customers regarding its AI functionalities.

Catch up on Axis’ webinar ‘Smarter Physical Security: The Perimeter’, on-demand now.

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