360 cameras

Radar cameras used to protect National Grid CNI site

Obsidian Security works with National Grid to encompass a Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) site with almost 10 miles of fenceline and borders facing open water, to protect the site’s perimeter and detect potential intrusion. Read More

The Power of 360-Degree Video in Surveillance Solutions

The modern pan-tilt-zoom incarnation is being deployed in a growing number of applications. Read More

360-Degree Surveillance Cameras: The Benefits of an All-Seeing Eye

Find out which sectors can benefit the most , and in what ways, from the emergence of 360-degree cameras with fisheye lenses. Read More

IDIS Direct IP Operators Can Now Incorporate 360 Vision Predator HD Cameras Following Integration

Offering up to 175m of infrared (IR) illumination and 150m of ultra-bright white LEDs the Predator range of full-HD cameras provides IDIS customers with a new option in night-time surveillance. Read More


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