July 6, 2016

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Understand the true cost of your video solution

The Power of 360-Degree Video in Surveillance Solutions

“It’s basically the power to see everything,” explained Chris Williams, managing director of Wavestore, during an IFSEC debate on 360-degree video surveillance.

360 camera immervision panomorphic

Allesandro Gasparini, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Montreal-based ImmerVision, explained that this sort of camera dates back much further than most people realise – right back to an 1843 swing lens camera by Puchberger.

“By the 1990s we had digital cameras with rotating or swinging mechanisms,” he said.

The modern pan-tilt-zoom incarnation is being deployed in a growing number of applications. “By 2020 the industry will sell five million 360-degree units per year.

“Markets include banks, airports, casinos and prisons. Possibilities in the consumer market are also opening up.

“Three-hundred and sixty degrees tells a story.”

Chris Williams added: “You get situational awareness. When pan, tilt and zoom cameras are on patrol, you miss a lot.

“These cameras are much better than the traditional, as they remove blank spots and you can map someone or see interrelations between individuals – for example a team of shoplifters.

“Three-hundred and sixty degree cameras are there to complement other cameras, not replace them. And with wide area coverage from one camera, they save money.”

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