big data

Building safety management – moving forward with big data management solutions

Chris Miles and Simon Ince discuss the issues in building safety data management that have led UL to develop Built InForm. Read More

Merging of big data and surveillance threatens to undermine public consent for CCTV: Tony Porter

The government’s surveillance camera commissioner has warned that technological change is outpacing regulation, putting privacy at risk. Read More

Open Platform, Scalable Surveillance Storage and Big Data: Interview with EMC’s Ken Mills

EMC's senior manager for global business development explains how 'data lake architecture' can secure data from multiple surveillance feeds and recounts some case studies for the deployment of EMC surveillance solutions in the US and Australia. Read More

Smart Buildings and Big Data 2015-2020: Research Download

This download is a summary of new market research 'Big Data Software in Smart Buildings: 2015-2020' by Memoori - experts in smart building research. Read More

How Wearable Tech is Creating Legal Headaches for Regulators and Employers

Will Richmond-Coggan of Pitmans LLP explores the myriad legal issues arising from the use of Google glasses and similar tech in the workplace and society in general. Read More

PSIM is Dead: Long Live PSIM

Only a few years ago PSIM was a major buzzword in security circles. Has the term outgrown its usefulness? Yes and no... Read More

Infographic: The Future of Data Storage

Based on the future of data storage this infographic from eBuyer also charts its history, from the IBM punch card through the floppy disc to today's cloud storage. Read More

MH370 Disaster and Morrisons Breach Raise Spectre of Insider Threat

After a Morrisons employee was arrested and with MH370 pilots still under some suspicion, Peter Houlis says that attacks from within are rare but hard to spot. Read More

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