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What does the evolution of banks mean for physical security?

The myriad, profound ways in which banks are changing business models and what this means for their security teams. By Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Business Development Director, Retail and Banking, Genetec. Read More

Verint says Video Investigator will shorten banks’ investigation time by more than 50%

Verint Systems has launched a platform designed to simplify and automate security, surveillance and fraud investigations undertaken by banks and […] Read More

As ATM attacks soar the BSIA calls for harsher sentences

Harsher sentences should be handed down for attacks on ATM machines, says the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). There were 723 attacks in 2017, up from 400 in 2014, according to the report published by Cardtronics. Read More

HSBC voice recognition security system fooled by twins

A security software programmed that HSBC uses to prevent bank fraud has been fooled by a BBC reporter and his twin brother. Read More

Tesco Bank on the hook for 40,000 refunds amid speculation that supply chain vulnerability is to blame

The Tesco Bank fraud is the first time that such a large number of customers at a major bank have lost money as a result of a single, coordinated attack. Read More

TDSi Download: Investing in the Right Security for the Financial Sector

Covering centrally controlled security, scalable solutions and biometrics, this download from TDSi examines the deployment of cutting-edge security tech in banks, investment companies and the insurance sector. Read More

“Bitcoin Anonymity a Myth” Says Analyst as Governments Seek Ban on End-to-End Encryption

Favoured by the politically oppressed, criminal underworld and technophiles suspicious of traditional banks, the world’s most successful cryptocurrency anonymises transactions to protect the identities of those involved in transactions. Read More

Canadian Banks and Credit Card Companies Roll Out Biometric Authorisation Platforms

Canadian banks are working with credit card companies to develop transaction authorisation services based on biometrics technologies. Read More

Vista Preconfigured Intrusion Panels for ATM Security Launched by Honeywell

Pre-programmed intrusion panel suitable for bank ATMs, with protection against burglary and non-intrusion events like fire and power outages. Read More

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