fire extinguishers

A rough guide to fire extinguisher servicing and the service-free model

What the latest guidance says on how often you should service your fire extinguishers and what it entails; how to choose a competent servicing company; and a new brand of extinguishers, 'P50', that promises an alternative to annual servicing contracts. Read More

How to use a fire extinguisher safely and effectively

Deploying a fire extinguisher correctly depends on which type it is and the material on fire. Our guide explains how to use the various types and how to deal with various materials, as well as giving some general principles for safe, effective use. Read More

BAFE issues revised fire extinguisher servicing competency scheme document

BAFE has revised its fire extinguisher maintenance/service scheme and BAFE SP101:2017 this is now available via the BAFE website. Read More

Types of fire extinguisher: How to choose the right class

Choosing the correct fire extinguisher for the relevant class of fire could literally be the difference between life and death. Here’s a guide to each type and when to use them. Read More

Fire extinguishers: your legal obligations

There are nearly 20,000 commercial fires in the UK each year, demonstrating the importance of taking your fire-safety obligations seriously if you own commercial premises or run a business. So what are your legal obligations regarding fire extinguishers? Read More

BAFE scheme revamp on fire extinguisher maintenance now open to consultation

BAFE invited feedback on proposed changes to the SP101/ST104 scheme, which pertains to the competence of technicians who maintain fire extinguishers. Read More

FES Actok Autonomous Fire Extinguisher Explained… in 45 Seconds

Speaking at FIREX 2016 Guiseppe Griffo from FES (Fire Extinction Systems) attempts to sum up why an autonomous fire exingusher device from […] Read More

Video: Firetec Reacton Showcases their Asset Protection Innovation for Fire Extinguishers

Firetec Reacton Ltd's director Tim Maylon shows FIREX TV the Scottish company's innovative addition to conventional fire extinguishers, which detects and suppresses fire in electrical installations like server racks. Read More

Infographic: Fire Safety in the Workplace

There are six types of fire, which usually erupts because of negligence. Courtesy of Globe Packaging the infographic below gives […] Read More

Fire Extinguishers: There to Be Used

When you consider the value of fire extinguishers, do you think they are there for the occupants to use to […] Read More

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