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October 26, 2023


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

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Fire extinguishing systems maintenance: Faults can appear without being detected

The Extinguishing Section of Euralarm has published a guidance document that focuses on the maintenance of condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems/equipment controlled by electronic detection systems.

Since these types of fire protection systems are on operational standby, only activating in an emergency, the guidance stresses that faults can appear without being detected by a non-specialist operator, saying: “This is why it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance visits by specialists to confirm the level of performance of the installation by visual inspections and functional tests.”

Typical applications of this type of equipment include electric power generating and distribution facilities, electrical panels, machinery spaces, storage rooms, battery energy storage systems and mobile and transportable equipment.

The guidance document is also available in English, French and German.

Automatic condensed aerosol fire extinguishing installations

Automatic condensed aerosol fire extinguishing installations are used to extinguish a fire at an early stage in its development to safeguard, property, people, and business continuity. Systems are controlled by means of automatic fire detection systems designed to detect a fire early and release the extinguishing agent before the fire can get out of control.

The systems are an effective way to protect critical hazards, in normally unoccupied and unoccupiable spaces.

They are suitable for rooms, which are not perfectly sealed and with limited space, especially  when a modular system configuration and relatively straightforward  installation is required.

Raising awareness

The aim of the guidance document, believes Euralarm, is to make all users having a condensed aerosol fire extinguishing system in their premises or users planning to install one, aware of the importance of maintenance to ensure the availability of the systems in case of fires. The correct performance of extinguishing systems is essential to quickly extinguish a fire and reduce damage to the protected assets.

The document specifically covers condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems, but the content may also be generally applicable to other fire extinguishing or fire prevention systems.

The English version of the new Guidance document on maintenance of condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems/equipment controlled by electronic detection systems can be downloaded from the Euralarm website as well as the versions in the French and German language.

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