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Hotel Fire Safety Case Study: Are the Hotel and Local FRS Doing Enough?

Alan Cox recently contacted a hotel with concerns about its fire safety measures. This is what he found with a response from the hotel and Fire and Rescue Service. Read More

8 Tips on Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor

Some simple steps to make sure you are meeting your legal obligations and keeping your staff or residents safe, courtesy of Nick Coombe FIFireE, FSR Management Support Audit & Performance at the London Fire Brigade. Read More

“A Lack of Consultation Appears to be the Main Failing” – Your Views on Residents’ Fire-Risk Assessment Complaints at Cheriton Wood House

Last week we sought your views on resident complaints at semi-sheltered accommodation in Kent over the imposition of fire-safety rules that reduced their storage space. Here are the responses. Read More

Fire-Risk Assessments: Should Landlords Take the Practical Needs of Vulnerable Residents into Account?

Residents living in semi-sheltered accommodation in Kent have objected to rules imposed on the recommendations of a fire-risk assessment. Find out what those rules are and let us know whether you agree with the residents. Read More

Fire Risk Assessment guide: What is it and how do you get one?

Courtesy of Assured Fire and Security here’s the lowdown on who needs a fire-risk assessment, what it entails and how to appoint a competent assessor. Read More

How Does the LFB Prioritise Targets for Fire-Risk Inspections?

Nick Coombe, FSR management support audit & performance for the LFB, explains how the Risk-Based Inspection Programme works. Read More

How To Conduct Fire Risk Assessments

Why is conducting a risk assessment so important and is it a legal requirement? These and other questions... Read More

Is Airbnb Getting a Free Ride over Fire Safety?

The booming peer-to-peer accommodation site is not subject to the same regulatory scrutiny as B&Bs and hotels, the Bed & Breakfast Association has complained. We asked several fire safety professionals whether this was fair comment or simply sour grapes. Read More

FIREX Presentations Revisited: A ‘Tube Map’ Guide to a Robust Fire Risk System by Dr Kathryn O’Brien

Dr Kathryn O’Brien, Fire Safety Manager for the NHS, presented her innovative ‘Tube Map’ approach to fire risk assessment at FIREX 2015. Read More

GWL Executives Earn Fire Risk Assessors Certification through Honeywell by Gent

GWL’s Steve Williams and Mike Glenister, the company’s joint fire consultants and directors, have recently been awarded with the prestigious certification. Read More

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