High-rise fires

From Hyde Housing to Deepwater Horizon: Insights on tall building fire safety

Highlights from Dr Kathryn O’Brien’s talk on a ‘PDCA Central Line’ for fire risk management, Dr Jim Glockling’s analysis of the latest thinking around cladding toxicity and Brent O'Halloran on the Hyde Housing Fire Safety Task Force. Read More

Sixth International Tall Building Fire Safety Conference will focus on innovation, drones, fire science and more

As the international fire industry comes to terms with the serious tall building fires that have occurred in recent times, there is a need to consider how we can improve and enhance the current processes and equipment used for tall building fire safety and firefighting. Read More

Embedding fire protection into building design, throughout construction and across the supply chain

High-rise fires at Grenfell and the Middle East have spotlighted the need for supply chain collaboration over fire safety in modern building design like never before. Bob Glendenning of Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings examines the issues. Read More

Grenfell lessons expected to feature in 5th International Tall Building Fire Safety Conference

The conference, which will take place between 19–21 June 2018 during FIREX, will consider design and fire engineering, management and insurance of fire risk, and firefighting in tall buildings. Spaces are limited so book now. Read More

Watch: The funding crisis hampering fire safety upgrades in UK tower blocks

In this 56-second video we outline facts and figures that reveal how financial constraints are a serious impediment to remedying myriad shortcomings exposed by the worst UK fire in living memory. Read More

Energy-efficient designs are making balconies more of a fire risk, says DCLG report

Design measures taken to optimise energy efficiency in residential developments are potentially making balconies a greater fire risk, a report from BRE Global has concluded. Read More

Dubai High-Rise Fires: Sky-High Cladding Costs Might Prompt Focus on Active Fire Protection Instead

Skyscraper fires have become an all-too common occurrence in Dubai and yet another blaze erupted on the upper floors of a high-rise residential building recently. Read More

Vertical Cities: How to Safely Evacuate Tall Buildings

Gary Hicks, of Evac + Chair, Middle East described at FIREX 2016 how difficult it is to evacuate tall buildings safely. Read More

Tall Building Fire Safety Network’s FIREX Seminar Programme Confirmed

Taking place at London’s ExCeL on Wednesday 22 June, the programme includes presentations from chartered engineer Eoin O’Loughlin, Hilti’s Andrew Kay and Wilf Butcher of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection. Read More

Sherwin-Williams Launches FIRETEX® FX9500 Scrim-Free Epoxy Intumescent

Find out more about this scrim-free epoxy intumescent at FIREX International 2016. Read More

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