Huawei role in UK 5G network set to be removed

The Digital Secretary has told the House of Commons that Huawei is set to be stripped of its role in the county’s 5G network due to security concerns. Read More

Huawei set to continue role in UK 5G network, but with limits

The decision was made to continue to allow Huawei to play a role in the UK’s 5G networks, but with restrictions, due to potential cyber security concerns over the Chinese technology firm. Read More

WATCH: Huawei speaks to IFSEC TV about its AI surveillance cameras and video management solutions

In this interview, filmed at IFSEC International 2018, David Webber, Huawei's Global Public Safety Expert, tells IFSEC TV about the latest Huawei cameras with AI chips, including graphics processing units and neural processing units. Read More

Harnessing Big Data for Safer Smart Cities: Huawei Introduces Matrix Intelligence at IFSEC 2016

In public safety, a huge amount of big-data traffic is generated through video surveillance – it's the fastest growing data pool in the world in fact. Read More


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