June 30, 2016


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Harnessing Big Data for Safer Smart Cities: Huawei Introduces Matrix Intelligence at IFSEC 2016

In public safety, a huge amount of big-data traffic is generated through video surveillance – it’s the fastest growing data pool in the world in fact.

Navigating this data mass is a challenge for law enforcement, which needs to execute a fast and accurate response to search criteria.

Speaking at IFSEC 2016 in the Smart Theatre, Edwin Diender, vice-president for government and public utilities at Huawei, cited the search for a serial killer by police in Japan. Manual search and analysis of surveillance footage meant the target evaded capture for 10 years, highlighting the need for Huawei’s proposed video surveillance solutions.

Legacy systems invariably offer only a singular platform. By contrast, Huawei – a first-time exhibitor at IFSEC 2016 – proposes an aggregated model of multiple clouds and systems working together to collect and capture images across different databases, effectively stitching them together to produce a more detailed and timely response to search criteria.

The system also offers deep-dive video analytics, allowing you to not only locate your target, but also establish a timeline of events and activity around that target.

Huawei’s platform is an ‘intelligent application’ that can be integrated with existing technology, avoiding the heavy investment of replacing existing surveillance equipment.

The key objective of Huawei’s video surveillance platform is time efficiency. Matrix Intelligence proposes an agile approach to big data analytics in the interest of public safety, where saving time could equate to saving lives.

huawei surveillance solutions

Matrix Intelligence: key specs and features

  • H.265 FHD for all scenarios: Winner of the  “iF Design Award & Red Dot Design Award 2016” the Huawei H.265 series boast advanced H.265 encoding technologies and ISP image processing capabilities that perform full HD video collection for all scenarios under challenging weather and lighting conditions. Network cameras can support a variety of intelligent behavior analysis and metadata collection/object classification.
  • Big data, smart decision-making. The Huawei Video Content Management (VCM) platform can retrieve data within seconds from billions of records. Cluster architecture makes it highly scalable, supporting 10,000+ concurrent channels of intelligent analysis computing capabilities using a distributed database and search engine. Compared with the traditional servers uawei VCM5020 video intelligent analysis platforms offer high computing density, freeing up equipment room space by 50% and reducing energy consumption by 25%. Integrates numerous industry-leading intelligent analysis algorithms and service applications, including video synopsis, video retrieval, behavior analysis, virtual checkpoint and facial recognition.
  • Cloud and convergence: Based on advanced architecture for distributed cloud storage, Huawei Video Cloud Node (VCN) boosts efficiency of resource utilization through cloud computing technology. Dedicated patented technology SafeVideo automatically repairs faults and ensures data reliability up to 99.999% of the time. Huawei VCN3020 video cloud node offers integrated design. Single device provides video access, storage, forwarding, scheduling and management, making it ideal for high-density storage with a 4 U height and 36 hard disks.




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