mobile security

A guide to mobile access control systems

A handy guide to the key features and benefits of mobile access control, an increasingly popular method of access credential to facilities. Read More

How mobile access control impacts organisations

Alex Holmström, Sales Director at ACRE International, discusses the advantages mobile credentials can offer over traditional keys, cards or badges. Read More

5 SMART KPIs your security operations should track

A free whitepaper from TrackTik detailing 5 smart KPIs you should track to improve your security operations and processes. Read More

Smartphone Manufacturers Issue Security Updates for Android Bug Stagefright

Smartphone manufacturers have begun issuing patches and monthly security updates for their handsets after the in response to one of the "worst Android vulnerabilities discovered to date". Read More

McAfee announces free mobile security solution for Indian consumers

The development is particularly relevant for India : which is the world's fastest rising smartphone market slated to have 185 million mobile internet users by June 2014 Read More

Mobility: Who bears the brunt of data security & privacy

OS manufacturers, app developers, and consumers all have a role to play in smartphone data security. But not everyone is equally responsible Read More

Use of biometric authentication on mobile devices to grow

Proliferation of devices in the workplace will require trade-offs between security and usability, says Gartner Read More

Adopting an integrated approach to mobile security

With the number of mobile devices in the organizations increasing at a staggering pace, there is a need to look at the complete lifecycle of mobile security architecture Read More


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