Raising security training standards with robust, reliable and repetitive processes

Outlining the need to raise training standards in the security sector, and how aviation security training may provide a marker for doing so. Read More

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Exploring the emerging applications for cloud-based access control in an increasingly technology-driven Middle East security market. Read More

“Access control is shifting towards a consumer-centric approach” – Key takeaways from the Access Control Summit 2023

CEO of the Access control Executive Brief and organiser of ACS23, Lee Odess, rounds up the key takeaways from the access control event. Read More

Why Enterprise Security Risk Management should incorporate mental health and wellbeing processes

As a long-time advocate for ESRM and mental health, Mike Hurst explains why the two may be more closely linked than previously considered. Read More

Making legacy firestopping issues a thing of the past

Changing legacy ways of working to ensure fire safety systems are designed and installed to high standards the first time around. Read More

Mind the fire safety gap – complexity versus competence

Andrea White provides a view on the the gap between building complexity and competence in fire safety and why it is increasing. Read More

Do scare tactics improve or hinder fire safety?

Why scare tactics don't seem to have worked when it comes to fire safety and the impetus is on businesses to see measures as an investment. Read More

Former counter terrorism officer slams naivety of Home Affairs Select Committee scrutiny of Martyn’s Law Bill

Lloyd Major says the scrutiny to the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill by a Home Affairs Select Committee is “naïve and out of touch”. Read More

Opportunities abound for the security sector in Saudi Arabia?

Bruce Braes explains the opportunities that Saudi Arabia's ‘giga projects’ are presenting for the security supply chain, with technology at the heart of Vision 2030. Read More

New vistas in cloud service interoperability for security systems integrators

Why cloud vendor agnostic communication for physical security systems is possible with standardisation, explains ONVIF's Leo Levit. Read More

Podcast series: The future of fire and security engineers

Across three short episodes, we bring you insight from experts on what they see ahead for the fire and security engineering sector. Read More

BAFSA responds to new research highlighting “shockingly low-level of sprinklers” in high-rise residential buildings

BAFSA has responded to new research that revealed a low-level of retrofit sprinkler systems have been installed since Grenfell. Read More

Bringing balance to security risk management – “Let’s fix the wobbly chair!”

George Dionisopoulos explains why a balanced approach to security risk management is essential to ensuring resilience in your organisation. Read More

DHF’s Michael Skelding reflects on post-Grenfell legislation and its impact on members

DHF General Manager & Secretary, Michael Skelding, looks back on this year’s developments with regards to fire safety legislation. Read More

“Landlords need to put more effort into displaying fire safety certificates”, says Zutec

Why landlords and operations teams need to take building information action to ensure occupant safety and compliance. Read More

Why advances in wireless technology should offer reassurance to high-rise dwellers

Why wireless fire devices could provide the fire safety answers building safety managers and their residents are looking for. Read More


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